Erectile dysfunction, most commonly known as impotence is the incapability of males for getting and keeping the erections hard enough for achieving desired intercourse. Although many males face erectile failures at times, when it becomes a frequent problem, it needs to be addressed in a proper manner.

Latest Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

The issue of achieving and maintaining an erection could also be the sign of some sort of underlying health ailment that requires a proper cure. The therapy which is required for this sensual dysfunction may range from some minor transformations in your lifestyle, medicines to surgery.

The latest therapies for curing ED completely focus on a greater level of effectiveness, fast action along fewer adversaries. The cause of the ED will determine the most appropriate treatment course for curing this sensual ailment. The doctor will decide upon the most appropriate course of treatment after the careful diagnosis and examination of the patient’s condition.

Few existing & emerging therapies for erectile dysfunction

Let’s have a look at a few of the existing & emerging therapies for this sensual ailment.

Oral medications

Oral medicines are serving as the foremost line of defense for curing ED. For the males who have been finding trouble in keeping and sustaining erection hard enough for intercourse, such oral formulations are known to work adequately with fewer adversaries.

Sildenafil, Vidalista 20, Kamagra Oral Jelly, Tadalafil, Avanafil are certain specific formulations that are known to carry out the reversal of the symptoms of ED through enhancement of the impact of nitric oxide.

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This is serving as the natural component which carries out the relaxation of blood vessels within the penile area, causing an enhancement in the flow of blood. Through the consumption of such medication upon the physician’s recommendation, the men will be capable of attaining erection in responsiveness towards sensual stimulation.

Vacuum devices

There are vacuum devices that are meant for attaining erections through mechanical means. This is appropriate for all such males who can’t consume or don’t even want to rely on the oral formulations for attaining penile erections.

Under this procedure, the rigidity and stiffness of the male main organ through the utilization of vacuum pumps which are meant for drawing upon the blood towards the genital region.

ED injections

The injections are acting as effective remediation for all those patients who are unable to consume oral ED formulations. Such injections are also workable for patients who are demonstrating severe symptoms of ED.

This may take place due to many of the underlying health situations for example

  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular ailments
  • Hypertension, and many others

The ED injecting remedies are working through the relaxation of all the smooth muscles that are lying on the patient’s walls of blood vessels. This will be causing the dilation of blood vessels along with filling out the penile region with enriched blood supply. In the majority of the cases, the ED injection remedies, are not supposed to be utilized along with oral therapies.

Surgical implant

Under the circumstances when the medication is not working appropriately, the surgical procedure may be administered upon the doctor’s recommendation.

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The surgical procedure may also be performed under the condition when a particular patient has undergone some sort of physical trauma or due to an underlying medical ailment like cancer. During the surgery, there will be the placement of the penile implant within the male main organ for facilitating the attainment of erections in males.

The surgical impact is the last alternative to be recommended only under the situation when there is a failure of other ED remedies. Each and every penile impact will be functioning in a different manner and it has its own associated advantages & limitations.

Recent advancements in Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Melanocortin Activators

This is another category of medications that would be acting through CNS (Central Nervous System). The research on the functioning of such drugs has been conducted by studying the impact on animals for producing erections.

The research that was conducted initially suggested that such drugs can demonstrate their effectiveness when they are rendered to males in an intranasal way. Cenforce 100 and Cenforce 200 effective pills to treat ED.

This study was conducted on males who have non-medical causes of ED for example, psychological or emotional ones and not physiological ones. However, furthermore, studies are being required for demonstrating their overall safety and level of effectiveness in producing the desired result.

Gene therapy

This is another type of advancement in the treatment of ED symptoms. Under such novel therapy, there would be supplying of such genes that will be developing the proteins that are required for the appropriate functioning of the tissues of the male main organ region in males.

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When such proteins in the male body will be replaced, there will be an improvement in the overall functioning of the penile tissues. When gene therapy was conducted on animals, it has demonstrated successful outcomes and significant improvement in erection.

There might be the possibility that studies on humans may generate similar results. However such type of treatment would be requiring an extremely long time for achieving approval from concerned regulatory bodies and acceptance.


Quite a good number of pharmaceutical companies globally are researching extensively for developing newer therapies for curing impotence. In fact, there are certain new advancements that are just around the corner.

On the basis of cause along with the severity of ED issue and existing health condition, the physician could explain the associated risks as well as the benefits of each and every therapy and will also take into consideration your precise preferences

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