What Is the Best Treatment of Dysthymia?

Dysthymia, also known as prolonged depressive illness, is a less severe, but longer-lasting type of depression. It is also referred to as persistent depressive disorder. People suffering from this disorder might also experience bouts of mild depression at times.

Depression is indeed a very upsetting mood condition which includes the whole body, thoughts, and emotions. This condition causes extreme stress and is known to be emotional trauma. The good news is that it can be treated.

There are two different forms of dysthymia, namely primary dysthymia and secondary dysthymia. In both cases, the main symptoms of this disorder include constant sadness combined with frequent periods of anxiety. Although these two types of dysthymia are quite different, both involve the same symptoms.

In primary dysthymia, depression affects both the individual and his or her relationship

This is most commonly found in women. In secondary dysthymia, depression tends to affect only one or a couple of individuals. Although people with secondary dysthymia do not exhibit the same signs of sadness, they are still sad, most of the time.

These individuals will feel sad even when the cause is nothing but trivial. Their depression can be more or less severe. It is essential that if you find yourself suffering from a dysthymic condition, that you consult your doctor.

Your doctor will be able to help you cope with this problem by suggesting a proper diet and proper medication. Since antidepressants tend to be used for this particular condition, they will be prescribed by your doctor.

The treatment of dysthymic disorder includes therapy, counseling and often, prescription drugs are also used to alleviate this disorder. If your doctor suggests medication for your disorder, be sure to follow the medication exactly.

Make sure you are taking it the right way to achieve the best possible results. Do not stop the medication abruptly, as this will only lead to withdrawal symptoms that will be worse than what you are already experiencing.

Medication can have side effects and some individuals may be allergic to certain medications. Also, make sure you do not take too many pills. at the same time. Some antidepressants are known to cause insomnia which can be harmful to you.

Treatment of dysthymia can take quite some time

It is important that you are patient, as this disorder can only be treated with patience and support from your doctor. Once you have achieved remission, you will no longer be depressed and you will find that there is no need to take prescription medication for your condition.

However, you might find that you still require counselling and other forms of treatments such as medication and therapy. The treatment of dysthymia can be a very challenging situation for the sufferer and it needs to be taken seriously.

While you might be overwhelmed by your condition, do not give up hope. Do not let your condition gets worse. Instead, seek out help and talk to your doctor about getting better. Talking to someone else about your feelings is also a good idea and getting a friend to help with you is also a good idea.

They will be able to provide you with a supportive shoulder and will give you advice and emotional support when you are in trouble. Your doctor will also need to know that you are experiencing depression and this will help him or she decides on the right medication.

They will also need to know if you suffer from dysthymia because they will be able to determine how long you have been depressed before your symptoms become severe. Your doctor will have to determine your goals and will need to work with you in order to help you achieve these goals.

You should ask them to explain the potential side effects of the medication and how long you might need to take it. Once your doctor has determined that your disorder does indeed qualify for treatment, he or she will be able to prescribe you the appropriate treatment. Make sure that you are following the medication closely. There are many medications that have side effects, and once you stop taking them, it is hard to get the same benefits.

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