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What is Invisalign Treatment and 6 Things You Need Know

Recently Invisaligns have come into the limelight for their benefits in orthodontic treatments and correcting the alignment as well the bite issues of teeth. Before you get the Best Invisalign in London these are the six important things you must keep in your mind. There are several other aligner options in the market except for Invisalign.

Just like Colgate is not the only paste available in the market, Invisalign is not the only options available in the market to correct dental alignment. There are many other clear aligner options available in the market too but this is the most marketed and commonly available product. The working principle for most clear aligners is the same.

They are a set of clear non-toxic plastic trays worn to shift the position of your teeth from one point to another. So as you keep changing the trays, the teeth follow along the path and reached the final destination. A layout of the path of movement is made first. Invisalign’s are then digitally set up in different tooth positions which are then printed using 3D modelling.

These aligner trays must be worn for a minimum of 20 hrs a day

Unlike braces that are worn continuously and it delivers the pushing force continuously, even the best Invisalign’s in London are required to be worn for longer durations to deliver the constant force to displace your teeth. It needs efforts on behalf of the wearer to make sure it is worn at least 20 hours a day to deliver similar results as traditional braces.

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If you only wear the aligners for a little bit and let it go, your teeth will move back to its original position and you will have to start all over again with the treatment. The aligners must be taken off only while brushing your teeth and eating and worn right back after finishing. If you keep wearing it as prescribed by your dentist, only then will you observe the desired results.

Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign usually require attachments on the teeth

Attachments are not always necessary, but generally, Invisalign treatment requires attachments to be placed on some of the teeth. Teeth surface is very smooth and is always wet which makes the surface slippery. Attachments are placed temporarily and work as handlebars.

These attachments are made from filling materials that are bonded into the teeth to help the aligner grip onto the teeth and not slip out of the teeth. These temporary attachments are generally added to the front side of the teeth.

For some cases, Inter-Proximal Reduction is required

Inter-Proximal Reduction, mush is generally known as IPR, is a process that aims to slim down the tooth by removing a few tooth structures from its sides to allow more room to have the teeth fit into the arch. It is necessary for the overall optimization of the tooth structure.

Normally most people have a fan like teeth structure at the front, and IPR is used to remove the ends of this fan-like structure. The procedure is painless but might result in slight sensitivity in rare cases.

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Invisalign Treatment may require the use of rubber bands

When you have bite issues apart from alignment issues the upper teeth and the lower teeth structure needs to be co-ordinated. Rubber bands are attachments extending from your upper teeth and connecting to the lower teeth to get the arches co-ordinated to fix the bite issue.

Mid-course revisions are required to complete the treatment

Most dentists will provide you with a set of final trays of your Invisaligns at the beginning of the treatment and explain how you have to change through the trays. But in most cases, mid-course revisions are necessary.

Mid-course revisions are when the treatment is paused, and the teeth structure is re-evaluated. After that, there might be a requirement of changing the course of path of the teeth and make new sets of trays for the rest of the treatment.

Now that most of the things have been covered in this article, but you might have some more queries before getting your cheap Invisaligns London. For such queries, it’s always better to clear them by talking to your dentist before the treatment.

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