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What a Testicular Biopsy Can Do for Your Body

A doctor can perform a testicular biopsy to show if there are any problems in the testicles or if there is an infection. When a doctor feels that a testicular biopsy could be a necessary step in the treatment of a male, he should call for a consultation with a specialist.

Testicular Biopsy

It is also common for the doctor to refer the patient to an infertility specialist for a testicular biopsy and then to an obstetrician for follow up evaluation. There are several different kinds of tests a doctor can do to determine the problem.

All the tests have their own pros and cons, so the doctors who perform these tests must discuss them with the patient. The first test for a testicular biopsy is an X-ray. If the doctor feels that something is not normal, he will order an X-ray of the scrotum to make sure that there are no growths that have formed in the scrotum.

If growth has formed in the scrotum, the doctor will then order a testicular biopsy to find out if it is cancerous

Testicular Biopsy

Sometimes, when a cancerous growth grows inside the scrotum, the doctor can also order a testicular biopsy to see if cancerous cells have spread to the testis. A testicular biopsy might also reveal small masses in the testes.

These masses, called adenomas, can cause infertility and, more often than not, are cancerous. The doctor can remove a small piece of tissue in order to see if he can detect cancerous cells. Once he finds that he can, the doctor will remove the tissue and send it to a laboratory for tests.

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It can be used to find out if there is a high level of testosterone, which is associated with an increased risk of prostate cancer. Another method that is used to test whether the cancerous cells have spread to the scrotum is the use of a laser.

In this method, light is passed through the scrotum that is aimed at the testicular area, but not on the testis. If there is cancer, a beam of light that is specific for that cancerous area is sent through the light, thus allowing the doctor to see if the cancerous cells are present.

The doctor might also want to look for other signs that the cancerous cells are growing or spreading

He might do a pelvic exam of the scrotum to make sure that no cancerous cells are growing there. Sometimes, a testicular biopsy is done when the patient is experiencing difficulty conceiving. If the patient has had multiple children, he might need a testicular biopsy to make sure that the sperm count is normal.

The reason that the doctor might choose to do a testicular biopsy for a man is if the male is not able to conceive due to an infection or because of some condition. The doctor might suspect that the patient is infertile and decide to look for a way to diagnose the reason the male might not be able to conceive.

When a man is infertile, he may go for the tests as a way to make sure that he is getting enough calcium in his system. Many doctors use the scrotum to get calcium. Infertility drugs help the body produce enough calcium, which is required for fertilization. If there is a shortage of calcium in the blood, it might prevent the formation of sperm.

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A testicular biopsy may also be needed if a man has recently undergone chemotherapy. Chemotherapy drugs are usually injected directly into the scrotum. If cancer has spread to other parts of the body, it can affect the reproductive organs, which can cause the testicles to shut down, which is why a testicular biopsy may be necessary.

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