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Ways Exercise Helps to Fight Against Ageing

The importance of exercise is widely known. It helps us stay healthy, keeps us in shape, and makes us look more attractive. Any one of these reasons would be enough to encourage people to exercise! Not to mention its good effects on our psyche and mental health.

After all, everyone likes feeling happy. However, did you know it also helps fight to age? It might sound like something straight out of a fairytale or something exercise fanatics use to justify their obsession. But it is not! To prove this, let us take a closer look at ways that exercise helps fight to age.

It helps develop and maintain flexibility

Flexibility might not seem like much. Not being particularly flexible does not get in the way of daily life for the majority of people. However, with age comes a further decrease in flexibility. All of a sudden, something as simple as bending or kneeling to tie your shoelaces can seem like a challenging task!

Well, yoga and similar exercises are not only good for back pain relief! They are also a primary and, what’s more, easy way to develop and maintain flexibility. The ease of engaging in yoga makes it perfect for continuing to do it well into your old age. And it will keep you spry and flexible better than any amount of medicine could!

Exercise keeps bones strong

One of the worst effects of ageing is the increasing brittleness of bones. Our bones grow in density well into our thirties, but then the process stagnates. Once we pass the age of fifty, it even starts to reverse, and the brittleness of our bones becomes a danger.

You do not need to insist on strenuous exercises; walks are sufficient and an excellent way to bond with family!

Even something as simple as a light fall, which might not even end in bruises, can lead to fractured or broken bones. Now, exercise can admittedly not entirely prevent this process. However, your bone density will be much higher than average if you engage in an activity when younger.

If we add that exercise when you get older slows down the process, you have a much better standing than those who eschew physical activity! You would not need to live in fear of falling and suffering from severe breaks if you look to the future and exercise conscientiously.

It maintains muscles

Similar to the previous entry, the muscles of older people tend to atrophy and decline much faster than when they were young. Now, this might not seem as serious an issue as having easily broken bones. However, when you consider that it affects every aspect of your life, it might be even worse!

You want to be able to play with your grandkids even in your old age!

Climbing stairs, taking walks, getting groceries, doing the dishes, cooking, even lifting your grandchildren for a hug. These are made much more difficult, if not impossible, due to the atrophy of muscles with ageing.

The number one reason why older people require care and tending is not the feebleness of mind caused by afflictions like Alzheimer’s or similar. It is the lack of physical strength necessary to do all the daily chores themselves! Regular exercise both encourages the formation and ensures maintenance of muscles well into old age.

It keeps the mind fresh and active

We have mentioned that mental feebleness is one of the reasons why older people require daily help. Well, exercise is one of the ways to increase your memory power naturally. The rush of adrenaline, the invigorating feeling of moving your body, and the discipline required to keep to a training regimen keep the mind fresh and active.

In fact, during the process of exercising, muscles produce molecules that are helpful in the formation and maintenance of both white and grey brain matter. While this is primarily helpful during young age, since it encourages the development of the brain, its usefulness does not end there.

Exercise also reduces the chance of suffering from both dementia and Alzheimer’s disease and will keep you in good mental health throughout your entire life.

It helps battle arthritis and similar ailments

Of course, if you are suffering from arthritis pain or any kind of back pain, you should not overdo it with exercising. However, more mild activities such as hiking, brisk walks, or swimming also lessen the pain suffered from the issue. Not to mention it helps prevent arthritis in the first place and is also an excellent way to solve back problems.

Back pain often forms in youth and persists in old age, yet can be prevented with the right exercises!

Anything from back pain to wrong posture and deformation of the spine can be at the very least alleviated with the right exercises. It keeps skin soft and healthy Good food and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are not the only contributing factors to maintaining youthful good looks.

Exercise can also help you with keeping your skin healthy and young-looking! The increased activity and well-developed muscles reduce the chance of developing wrinkles and age spots. The body, interestingly enough, also produces substances that prevent skin ageing while you are exercising.

Just take into account sport starts! Do they not typically look younger and have better-maintained skin than most of their peers? Pampering and skin-care products are not the only reason for this! Just do not forget to put on sunscreen if you are planning to exercise outside. Too much exposure to direct sunlight can have the opposite effect to what you are trying to achieve.

Exercise slows cell aging

The human body is a complicated thing we still cannot claim to know everything about. Genetics and chromosomes all the more so! What we do know, however, is that telomeres, ‘caps’ at the end of your chromosomes, affect ageing. They slowly grow progressively shorter the older you get, which negatively impacts cell regeneration, making it slower.

It has been proven (we have to thank athletes once again!) that regular exercise causes telomeres to grow. This directly reverses the effects of age and therefore slows it.

Now that you know that exercise helps fight aging, get active!

As we have seen, there are many ways exercise helps fight to age! So, do not hesitate to start working out no matter your age. The gym is not the only option, and even taking frequent brisk walks is a suitable way to keep your health in good order.

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