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Using Hyperbaric Chamber to treat Cancer and Stroke

A hyperbaric chamber is used to treat people suffering from various types of health problems and diseases, where the normal atmosphere is reduced to that of a deep underwater cave. Hyperbaric treatment is a medical procedure in which an atmospheric pressure lower than sea level is a required component.

One can get treatment for various ailments like depression, anxiety, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s, arthritis and osteoarthritis by using a hyperbaric oxygen treatment. This is a new treatment technique. It is relatively expensive as compared to other traditional methods of treatment.

The purpose of a hyperbaric chamber is to keep the patient as dry as possible

The hyperbaric chambers do not allow air to flow through. All the moisture is removed and this helps to maintain a healthy body and also helps in maintaining healthy skin. Also, a patient will be able to breathe faster because there is no pressure on the lungs, as there is with normal air.

Using Hyperbaric Chamber to treat Cancer and Stroke

A doctor can administer drugs, medicines or even sedatives to a patient who is in a hyperbaric chamber. There will be a reduction in the heart rate as well as blood pressure. The patient will also feel relaxed and the discomfort will be reduced.

The benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy are many

  • It helps in relieving stress
  • The hyperbaric chamber can help in treating asthma by treating the bronchial tubes
  • Another benefit is that the blood flow to the lungs is increased and therefore, more oxygen is supplied to the lung tissues
  • Some research has suggested that hyperbaric chambers might help in preventing certain types of cancer
  • The oxygen therapy also has properties that reduce pain, inflammation and may increase your resistance to infections
  • It is used in conjunction with other cancer treatments
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People who have suffered a stroke often use hyperbaric chambers to relieve the symptoms

Hyperbaric chambers are a useful aid for patients of all ages. Children are also given the treatment to avoid the trauma of brain injury. Also, doctors may use hyperbaric chambers to help improve circulation and oxygen supply in the brain.

There are different types of hyperbaric chambers available and you should choose one that suits your needs. They are available in different sizes, such as the family size or individual size. If you need a larger room you can opt for an elongated one.

A smaller room is suitable for smaller children or elderly people. The smaller chambers also suit people who are recovering from an operation. There are a wide variety of products available that can be used for the treatment.

These can range from the ones that you will be able to see on TV to ones that you will have to take with you in the chamber. The chamber also contains water, so you will need to purchase other items such as glass bottles, gloves, masks and tubes.

There are different types of treatments available

You can find treatments such as a machine which is attached to a pump, another one that is portable or a vacuum chamber that sucks the air out. There are different types of equipment that you can use for the treatment.

There is a simple machine that is connected to an electrical current. The machines are very simple and can be used to keep your room clean and also for maintaining proper air. Some machines have a heater in them, which helps you keep the room at a comfortable temperature and also provides you with a humidified environment.

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The price of the hyperbaric chambers varies depending on what type you need and what you want to use it for. Many doctors prefer machines that can be controlled from a television.

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