Thrush - Why Does Your Baby Have White Tongue?

Thrush – Why Does Your Baby Have White Tongue?

Does a baby’s white tongue really mean that he or she is sick? This is not uncommon for newborns. Many times parents notice a white tongue on their baby, but they are unsure of the cause. In fact, even when a baby’s tongue turns pink, it does not necessarily mean that he or she is suffering from sickness.

A baby with a white tongue is not necessarily ill. A white tongue is actually just a sign of inflammation or an infection. There are many theories as to why a baby’s white tongue may be indicative of sickness. Many believe it is due to a yeast infection. The bacteria that are normally in the mouth can become overgrown if an infant is fed breast milk that contains live yeast.

Many doctors recommend that a baby who is having a white tongue should not nurse for at least two hours

Babies tend to suck hard and swallow air, which can cause the airway to become inflamed. This causes the tongue to turn red. This is another reason why mothers are advised to watch their babies closely.

One theory as to why a baby’s white tongue is indicative of sickness is because it often happens during the night. A mother can notice that there is an increase in fever after feeding a baby who has a white tongue.

A doctor may also recommend that a baby who has a white tongue get antibiotics for other illnesses first

A newborn with a white tongue should be examined by a doctor for any signs of a urinary tract infection. Doctors have found this to be common among newborns whose tongues have turned black or yellow. If a baby is sick and his or her white tongue continues to change colours, then a doctor should be consulted.

Sometimes, the baby’s tongue can appear to bleed, which is a symptom of an ear infection. This bleeding may be present in the baby’s mouth. A child’s tonsils and adenoids should also be examined if they seem to be swollen or sore.

It is important to note that a baby’s white tongue can also be an indication of other conditions, such as jaundice. A child should have all of his or her lab work done by a doctor at once. A parent may see red streaks in the baby’s tongue. The streaks may appear as yellow, pink, or a combination of these colors.

A white tongue in newborn babies can sometimes be caused by food allergies

Sometimes, babies that have food allergies can have a reaction to milk, cream, or other dairy products. In rare cases, a baby’s white tongue can be caused by ingesting too much table salt or sugar. The mother should never breastfeed a baby with this condition.

Another cause of a white tongue in newborns is when the tongue becomes dry and cracked. Baby spit up a lot of saliva during the night and this may lead to the formation of tartar, a yellow substance on the teeth that can eventually lead to decay.

Many doctors believe that a baby’s white tongue can also be indicative of an infection such as thrush. Thrush is a condition where the yeast Candida albicans takes hold.

Thrush is caused by the yeast living in the mouth, but if a baby has a high number of yeast spores in his or her mouth, he or she may have thrush. Thrush usually affects infants less than six months old. Thrush can be a serious problem in babies under four years of age. Thrush can be treated by a doctor and it should not be ignored.

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