Healthy Daily Habits

The Importance of Developing Healthy Daily Habits

Humans have their identity through their habits, whether good or bad. Your habits form your lifestyle, and most healthy people have daily routines that help them stay fit. To have good habits that would strengthen you both mentally and physically, you can start by making little changes to your daily routine. In the long run, you would develop healthy habits to keep you fit and probably limit your visits to a private doctor London.

A routine that most people find satisfying is waking up early on weekdays, having a 10 – 20 minutes mediation, then exercising for 20 – 30 minutes and having a healthy breakfast before going about other activities for the day.

Another good start for your day is staying away from your phone (emails, messages, social media and news) within the first few minutes or hours of waking up.

Gradually doing these things can become a routine, and subsequently, they become a habit. Individual psychological anchors and techniques can help you develop positive habits that would remain with you for a long time.

Below are four simple principles that help in forming healthy and long-lasting habits

Make it obvious

One working principle that helps most people form healthy habits is being evident about the routine they intend to develop. For example, if you want to create the habit of working out in the morning when you wake up, you could start by keeping your gym clothes close to your bed before you go the bed.

When you have your gym kit ready in the morning, putting them on and heading to the gym becomes easier. Most times, you need to make the first commitment, and the rest comes naturally because the brain is wired to follow any part with the least resistance.

Make the activity attractive

It would help to find an activity that you enjoy. For instance, you could enjoy cycling over running, and vice versa. Some people find the early morning air refreshing while others find it unattractive. Ensure you choose what is more comfortable for you as this helps you form the habit faster.

Make the activity easy

You can create a work out routine at home or get yourself an indoor bike. This helps you get over the stress of going to the gym. Alternatively, you could choose a gym close to your office or one on your way to work.

If you cannot do a complete workout, do what you can as long as you are consistent with it. Showing up every day would help form the habit, and subsequently, you can have more programs during your work out.

Make the activity satisfying

You form a habit faster if you always receive a reward at the end of the activity, you wish to make a habit. One way to ensure you make exercising a habit is being consistent and checking your weight or monitoring your daily results.

After your daily work out, you could reward yourself with a freshly made smoothie. This will helps you form the habit of exercising because you would always look forward to your delicious smoothie.

You can also use the above principles to stop bad habits. This could work by doing the reverse of the above principles. You can make the habit:

  • Inaccessible
  • Unattractive
  • Difficult
  • Unsatisfying

An example is smoking. You could start by disposing of all the cigarettes and lighters you have at home, or only smoke when you are outside.

Little and consistent actions will have a long-term effect on our life. These actions gradually form your identity. For example, making your bed every day immediately you wake up forms an organized person’s identity.

Going to the gym regularly forms the identity of someone healthy. After a while, you automatically see the changes you have made and gradually begin to achieve your goals.

Your environment plays a vital role in forming any habit as it serves as a trigger for certain activities. For instance, when you create a conducive space in your home to meditate and exercise, it becomes easy to do these things.

Another simple technique that has worked for most people with insomnia is taking out the TV in the bedroom, so you only get to watch TV when you are in the sitting room, this will also help you concentrate in other things when you wake up instead of watching the news.

You could also have a particular chair or space for work-related issues, so you only get to work when you are in that space. You could also join a community that has the same goals as you do. For example, you could join a fitness and nutrition community to help keep you on track.

Finally, know that to form a habit takes a while, and it is best to focus on the process, not the goal. If you fail to accomplish your daily task while forming a healthy habit, do not feel heartbroken.

You can always continue the next day, but try not to miss your daily routine for several days. As soon as you are back to your daily routine, you will likely find the momentum to continue until you achieve your goal

Healthy habits would help you remain sound both physically and mentally, and, if you feel unwell at any time, feel free to contact London GP Clinic on 020 70434318 to book an appointment with an experienced GP.

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