Testosterone and Weight Loss Information for Men

What appears to your mind when you hear the word testosterone? – For any of you, the primary image that occurred to your brain might have something to do with macho men with tremendous muscles. For others, you might be considering of the connection of the hormone with coitus drive and sperm production.

But, did any of you think of weight loss and testosterone? Apparently not.

The fact is that the impact of testosterone on men continues beyond increased muscle mass and love drive. And one of the common significant roles played by a hormone is related to weight loss. Low testosterone might be the offender if you are unable to lose weight, notwithstanding all your efforts.

Are you thinking surprised already? Read on because there is a lot more that you want to know about the relationship between these two.

Vicious Cycle of Obesity and Low Testosterone Production

In men, testosterone is secreted by the testes when the pituitary glands and hypothalamus gets signals from the body that it requires more of that hormone. A chemical message gives the testes from these glands, and the response is ramped-up testosterone production.

But, obesity can make this whole process go for a toss, and then strain it throws in the method is another hormone called estrogen. In easy words, estrogen reduces your testosterone creation by sending signals to your pituitary glands and hypothalamus to inform your mind that your body requires no more testosterone.

This extreme reduction in testosterone levels decreases the motivation to go for a good workout or go to the gym. It’s like you have stuck in a cruel cycle with testosterone and obesity for best love life all the time use Fildena or Vigora.

Obesity changes testosterone to estrogen and decreases the levels of the former in your body. As estrogen proceeds to signal your brain to reduce testosterone production, your motivation to exercise runs away, further developing obesity. The cruel cycle extends to repeat itself and jeopardize your fitness and health.

Crucial Role Played By Testosterone in Fat Storage

There was a time when heavy cells were thought of as inert storage areas, but recent researches have completely changed those ideas. Fat cells transmit signals, secrete chemicals, and influence other body parts.

These cells also provide an enzyme identified as aromatase that leads to the transformation of testosterone into estrogen. Body fat improves when there is an asymmetry in estrogen and testosterone levels, as we have already discussed.

It also dictates where the fat is stored. Your tummy fat can improve if the levels of testosterone are low. Having too much stomach fat is not just aesthetically displeasing, but also advancing towards heart health. Several men resort to medicines like human grade steroids to improve their hormonal levels, for this purpose.

The connection between Muscle Mass and Testosterone

The shortage of testosterone also causes it hard for men to keep or build muscle mass and, the number of muscles plays a significant role in managing their weight.

To support muscles, the body requires more energy, and consequently, more calories. In this method, an energy balance is maintained between the amounts you eat and burn as ammunition. The more calories you can burn, the more tissues you can have.

When the testosterone levels are under average, your muscle mass starts to decline and gains your metabolism slow. It gives origin to a domino effect that makes you get weight and makes unreasonable fat in the body that decreases to budge despite all your efforts to work out and eat right.

Understanding the Connection between Testosterone and Dieting

If you are under the idea that you will reduce fat from your diet to lose weight, you apparently require to rethink that plan.

Most diets to lose weight include eating only low-fat food. Researches have proven that relying solely on high-fibre and low-fat diet is an attractive way of raising testosterone levels, particularly if you only have polyunsaturated fats.

If you love your abs (or hope for them to show up!), saying no to all fats is not the solution. You will have to resort to healthy fats, like olive oil, dark chocolate, or whole eggs.

Ways to Boost Testosterone Levels in Your Body

It must be abundantly clear that low testosterone levels are among the main hurdles you’ll have to succeed in your journey to lose weight. Here’s giving you useful advice on increasing testosterone levels in the body.

Lifting Weights and Exercising

Daily exercising not only restricts lifestyle diseases but also increases testosterone levels. Resistance training is one of the best workouts to increase testosterone levels on short and long-term support.

Medications and Testosterone Treatments

Medicines and testosterone therapies given by certified clinics can also help in increasing the hormonal levels. However, advise your physician before taking any treatment or medication.

Reducing Cortisol and Stress Levels

Stress improves the levels of cortisol hormone, which, in turn, decreases testosterone. Hence, reduce stress from your daily life.


That is all you require to know about the relationship between testosterone and weight loss. It must have also given you some bias regarding what you were doing wrong about your efforts to shed those excess kilos. Make the best use of this information to lose weight in a supported and healthy manner.

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