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Conceive in Cryptical Pregnancy 0

How to Conceive in Cryptical Pregnancy

You may have heard of a condition called cryptic pregnancy. It is also known as unplanned pregnancy. It is quite a rare condition and even those who suffer from it are lucky. This is because no one has a complete understanding of what happens during...

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Cryptic Pregnancy 0

Cryptic Pregnancy: How to Know Your Partner Deliver

It is strange that the question “what is cryptic pregnancy?” keeps arising from the moment a woman becomes pregnant. When she goes for a regular checkup at her OB, doctors keep asking her the same thing. They have no idea how to answer this question...

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IVF and a Test-Tube Baby 0

What is the Difference Between IVF and a Test-Tube Baby?

IVF treatment and Test Tubes are pregnancy treatment that encourages many couples who cannot have a natural pregnancy. Both the fertility treatments are carried out under extreme accuracy after thoroughly examining a couple’s health situation. So, What is the difference between IVF and a test...

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Healthy Marriage And a Happy Home 0

How to Build a Healthy Marriage And a Happy Home

Healthy marriages have a lot more factors that can lead to keep the bond strong than just having a few good times. Although a good time out every now and again is good for both partners. If you are looking for a healthy relationship that...

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Cosmetic Care Products 0

Tips on How to use Cosmetic Care Products Effectively

Cosmetic care products are all the rage in today’s fast-paced world. With many people spending longer hours at work and relaxing on the weekends, there is less time available for quality skincare. Many women suffer from bad skin that needs regular attention but are unable...

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Changes in Lifestyle Can Reduce Infertility 0

Changes in Lifestyle Can Reduce Infertility

Fertility is basically the quality of having the capacity to make children. It is also measured statistically as the total number of children a woman has during her reproductive age and is determined demographically. Most of the couples are looking forward to having children soon...

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Emotional Abuse 0

Domestic Violence and Signs of Emotional Abuse

Domestic violence (or also known as intimate partner abuse, domestic violence, dating violence, family violence, or spousal abuse) is any type of abuse that occurs in a romantic or sexual relationship between people. It can take the form of verbal abuse, physical abuse, or even...

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Causes of Marital Depression 0

4 Common Causes of Marital Depression

Marital depression is a common but silent partner to the increase of stress related to relationship difficulties in the United States. Although not well understood, research has demonstrated an association between marital depression, more likely depression, and increased levels of stress. The association between marital...

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Deal With Spontaneous Abortion 0

How to Deal With Spontaneous Abortion: Miscarriage

Miscarriage after abortion is a difficult subject for many women. There are mixed feelings that come along with this decision and in most cases are often avoided, because a mother chooses to have another child rather than make the painful choice to end a pregnancy....

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Manage Your Emotions Effectively 0

How to Manage Your Emotions Effectively

The Emotion-in-Roles theory refers to a psychological theory developed to explain the relationship between an individual and his or her emotions. According to the Emotion-In-Roles theory, humans are basically three-dimensional beings experiencing two different emotional states or “moods”. Humans can fall into one state of...

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Power of Sorry 0

Power of Sorry in Building a Healthy Relationship

There are lots of good reasons that a wife or husband may have to say sorry to his or her partner. Maybe they just forgot an important anniversary, such as a birthday or an anniversary, or they’ve said something hurtful during an argument. Whatever mistake...

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Birth Control 0

Facts You May Not Have Known About Birth Control

The most commonly used form of birth control is the combined pill. This combines both the woman’s hormones estrogen and progestin. However, there are other methods that can be used in conjunction with it. These are the birth control Ring Patch Shot The diaphragm For...

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Coping With Postpartum Depression 0

Coping With Postpartum Depression: Tips For New Mothers

Postpartum depression is an extremely serious condition that affects your emotional health and results in your behavior and physical health, too. If you suffer from postpartum depression, sad, empty, or flat feelings often do not go away and may interfere heavily with your daily lifestyle....

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Postpartum Depression 0

Help for Women Struggling With Postpartum Depression

Postpartum Depression is a difficult condition for new mothers to deal with. Postpartum Depression is characterized by sadness, anxiety, and feelings of insecurity which usually last for several weeks after giving birth. Postpartum Depression is often a bit more intense and lasts much longer than...

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Major Causes of Depression in Women

About two to three times more women than men suffer from depression. Many causes can raise a woman’s risk for depression. Depression can strike at any time. Depression is a long-term mood condition that causes an intense feeling of hopelessness and loss of interest in...

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Fertility Vitamins and Supplements 0

The Best Fertility Vitamins and Supplements

Fertility is the ability to create new offspring by having sexual intercourse. It can be defined as a reproductive process that helps determine whether or not the conception occurs. This reproductive process is also known as female infertility. The fertility rate is actually the number...

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