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Emotional Abuse 0

Domestic Violence and Signs of Emotional Abuse

Domestic violence (or also known as intimate partner abuse, domestic violence, dating violence, family violence, or spousal abuse) is any type of abuse that occurs in a romantic or sexual relationship between people. It can take the form of verbal abuse, physical abuse, or even...

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Causes of Marital Depression 0

4 Common Causes of Marital Depression

Marital depression is a common but silent partner to the increase of stress related to relationship difficulties in the United States. Although not well understood, research has demonstrated an association between marital depression, more likely depression, and increased levels of stress. The association between marital...

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Deal With Spontaneous Abortion 0

How to Deal With Spontaneous Abortion: Miscarriage

Miscarriage after abortion is a difficult subject for many women. There are mixed feelings that come along with this decision and in most cases are often avoided, because a mother chooses to have another child rather than make the painful choice to end a pregnancy....

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Power of Sorry 0

Power of Sorry in Building a Healthy Relationship

There are lots of good reasons that a wife or husband may have to say sorry to his or her partner. Maybe they just forgot an important anniversary, such as a birthday or an anniversary, or they’ve said something hurtful during an argument. Whatever mistake...

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Birth Control 0

Facts You May Not Have Known About Birth Control

The most commonly used form of birth control is the combined pill. This combines both the woman’s hormones estrogen and progestin. However, there are other methods that can be used in conjunction with it. These are the birth control Ring Patch Shot The diaphragm For...

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Long Distance Relationships 0

How to Develop Long Distance Relationships

A long distance relationship, also called as relationship away from home, long distance romance or long distance relationships is an intimate relationship involving partners that are geographically distant from each other. Partners in LDRs sometimes face extreme geographical separation and lack of face to face...

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Natural Way of Family Planning 0

What Is the Natural Way of Family Planning?

There are many ways to get an in-depth look at family planning, some of which involve the use of medical practices while others rely heavily on information that can be learned online. Before you make a decision on whether to take advantage of one or...

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Romantic Ideas to Surprise Your Spouse 0

Romantic Ideas to Surprise Your Spouse Specially

Romantic ideas come in all flavors depending upon where, when and how you want to infuse some romance in your already existing relationship. I compiled a list of romantic ideas from different sources for her to choose from. These romantic ideas are designed to be...

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Problems and Symptoms of Snoring in Children 0

Problems and Symptoms of Snoring in Children

Snoring in children, particularly when accompanied by snoring pauses in breathing, is a potentially serious medical condition known as pediatric obstructive sleep apnea. Pediatric obstructive sleep apnea is often caused by enlarged adenoids and tonsils (which are tonsil tissue located at the base of the...

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Helping Men Feel Safe in Their Relationships 0

Helping Men Feel Safe in Their Relationships

Knowing that your husband or wife is going through an affair, can be heartbreaking. It can make you feel as if there is nowhere else for you to turn. You love your husband or wife and you want them to be happy. You may be...

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Survive Emotional Depression in Marriages 0

How to Survive Emotional Depression in Marriages

Many couples end up in marriage counseling when their relationship is struggling. But what if the problem was something that began to grow and got worse before it ever got better? This can be a problem as well. It’s often the case that once a...

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Pumpkin Pie Recipe 0

Pumpkin Pie Recipe Preparation

There is nothing quite like homemade pumpkin pie. You can make it in a traditional round pan or you can make one that has a removable top. Pumpkin pie is not only delicious but it is also a tasty treat that can be made with...

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Building Confidence In Kids 0

Building Confidence In Kids To Value Their Own Abilities

Building confidence in kids is essential to their success in life. Having a child with low self-esteem is one of the most common reasons why their parents do not take them to the same extracurricular activities they do. This lack of self-confidence in kids and...

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Child Development 0

Child Development and Parental Guidance Overview

Child development refers to the changes that take place in a person’s psyche or mental state over a period of time, during which they reach adulthood. There are many important stages of child development, each with a different focus on the child’s psychology. Child development...

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Child Protection 0

Child Protection from Sexual and Emotional Abuse

Child Protection is the process of protecting children against violence, exploitation, neglect, and abuse. Article 19 of The Convention on the Rights of a Child offers for the protection of all children in and outside of the home from being abused by the public. Under...

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Hide Pregnancy Nausea 0

Tips to Help You Hide Pregnancy Nausea at Work

When your nausea starts to become severe, you will need to take time off to get yourself ready for work. This will take some time, so you should make sure that you don’t get too excited about the situation. You want to make sure that...

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