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Home Remedies For Chapped Lips 0

Simple Home Remedies For Chapped Lips

Most people get chapped lips at some point during the year. There is much you can do to stop and treat chapped lips during those times. Consider these helpful tips: protect your lips with a lip balm or lip gloss. Avoid licking your lips excessively....

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Throat Pain Medicine 0

Throat Pain Medicine – Things You Should Know

Throat pain is often the result of a cold, allergies, or infections. But the pain can also be the result of anything you do to your throat when you are sleeping. There is a throat pain medicine that works for both conditions and many people...

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Get Rid Of Foot Fungus 0

Foot Fungus Symptoms: How To Get Rid Of Foot Fungus

Foot Fungus, otherwise known as onychomycosis is a common fungal infection that affects the toes. It is generally spread by two methods: direct and indirect. Direct spread happens when the affected individual breaks or crumbles a pair of socks, or enters a public shower where...

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Sickle Cell Anaesthesia 0

How to Administer Sickle Cell Anaesthesia

Sickle cell disease (SCD) is a hereditary group of blood diseases usually inherited from the patient’s parents. The common form is called sickle cell anaemia, (SCA), where S and C cells are affected. It results in an abnormal variation in the oxygen-carrying protein hemoglobin present...

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Overview of Herpes Labialis 0

An Overview of Herpes Labialis

Herpes Labialis is an infection caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV). This type of virus can be transmitted to different parts of the body, including the mouth, lips, genitals, throat, and eye. Once infected, these areas can develop blisters that are itchy and painful....

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Ectopic Pregnancy 0

The Rarest Causes of An Ectopic Pregnancy

An ectopic pregnancy is when a fertilized egg implants outside of the uterus. An ectopic pregnancy can be caused by injury to your fallopian tubes, as well as previous infections. Common things that make you more probable to get an ectopic pregnancy and/or fallopian tube...

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Treatment Options For Polymyositis 0

Information and Treatment Options For Polymyositis

Polymyositis affects the muscles of the hands and feet. The muscles become inflamed and irritated. Eventually, the muscles begin to breakdown and become very weak. The medical condition can affect multiple muscles throughout the body. Polymyositis can be extremely painful. In most cases the pain...

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Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatments Overview 0

Best Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatments Overview

Rheumatoid Arthritis is an auto-immune condition, meaning it is caused by your immune system mistakenly attacking healthy body tissue as a foreign body. But it is not yet known exactly what causes this in rheumatic arthritis sufferers. Your body typically produces antibodies to attack viruses...

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Herbal Remedies For Hemorrhoids 1

Best Herbal Remedies For Hemorrhoids

External hemorrhoids are the ones that can be seen by the naked eye. Internal hemorrhoids cannot be seen and cannot be felt. Hemorrhoids are generally caused by strains in the lower rectum and anus during bowel movements. External hemorrhoids are often caused by too much...

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Herbal Antibiotics For Infections 0

Herbal Antibiotics For Infections – Are They Really Safe?

When it comes to healing from an infection there are numerous options available to you. When looking at options for treatment, you will see that there are many different types of medications for you to consider. With this in mind, you need to consider using...

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cold sore cures 0

Finding a Natural Remedy For Cold Sores

Cold sores, also known as herpes labialis, are very contagious and can be spread from person to person by contact. They generally appear on the lip or around the opening of the mouth and can be a very painful and uncomfortable feeling. Cold sores can...

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Covid-19 Preventative Tips 0

Covid-19 Preventative Tips For You and Your Family

As more and more global cases of coronavirus begin to show up, governments are intensifying efforts to find a cure. While vaccine preparation is underway, there are easy-to-do home solutions, including hygienic practices, avoiding large gatherings, and staying at home that can keep you and...

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Age-Related Eye Problems 0

5 Common Age-Related Eye Problems

We usually have a clear vision at our young age, but the natural aging process gradually takes this away. Although aging affects the eyes and the clarity of vision, you can still maintain your youthful vision. Some people are at a higher risk of experiencing...

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Health Benefits of Drinking Peppermint Tea 0

The Health Benefits of Drinking Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea has become a very popular herbal remedy. This is because of its healing and relaxing properties. In addition, it can treat colds, flu, and cough. A review of peppermint tea may bring about this knowledge. Mint has been found to have strong antiseptic...

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Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment 0

Herbs For Cough – Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment

An assortment of herbs for cough can come in handy during any time of the year. The essential oils of these herbs have a characteristic oil that can be used to instantly soothe the symptoms of a cough. They’re great to have on hand to...

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Biocidin for Your Immune System 0

Reap the Benefits of Biocidin in This New Year

A healthy digestive system is essential for your overall well being. Usually, experts advise on consuming fiber, minerals, enzymes, vitamins, and prebiotics enriched fruits and vegetables along with whole grains and cereals for smooth digestion. But there are times when you require additional help for...

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