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Treatments For Dysthymia 0

Treatments For Dysthymia (Persistent Depressive Disorder)

Dysthymia, also known as chronic (non-ADHD) dysthymia, is a chronic long-term (chronic) type of depression characterized by continued long-term feelings of sadness and worthlessness. You may gain interest in normal day to day activities, feel depressed, have low productivity, have a general feeling of inadequacy,...

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Saffron Brands in the USA 0

Top 5 Saffron Brands in the USA

Saffron is an ancient secret of beauty. In Crete, lipstick and perfumes were made with red Saffron. As usual, there is an anecdote of Cleopatra while talking of beauty. A master in alluring arts, the iconic Egyptian queen, was said to have bathed in saffron-flavored...

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Sickle Cell Anemia Symptoms 0

Sickle Cell Anemia Symptoms and Treatment Option

Sickle Cell Anemia is an inherited illness characterized by the lack of a protein known as hemoglobin. It is an inherited disorder, meaning that if one parent has it, you are likely to also develop it. If someone in your family has it, there is...

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Healthy Marriage And a Happy Home 0

How to Build a Healthy Marriage And a Happy Home

Healthy marriages have a lot more factors that can lead to keep the bond strong than just having a few good times. Although a good time out every now and again is good for both partners. If you are looking for a healthy relationship that...

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Staying Healthy and Safe 0

Staying Healthy and Safe During a Move to New Home

Moving to a new home is considered to be one of the most stressful events in one’s life, and for a good reason. Sure, it can be fun and exciting, but let’s not delude ourselves: there is a lot to do. Due to all of...

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Treatment Options For Polymyositis 0

Information and Treatment Options For Polymyositis

Polymyositis affects the muscles of the hands and feet. The muscles become inflamed and irritated. Eventually, the muscles begin to breakdown and become very weak. The medical condition can affect multiple muscles throughout the body. Polymyositis can be extremely painful. In most cases the pain...

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Anxiety and Panic 0

Effective Ways to Cope with Anxiety and Panic

An anxiety and panic attack is a mental health condition that affects millions of people each day from all over the world. It is when your anxiety becomes so severe that it disrupts your everyday life to the point where you can no longer function...

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Types of Mental Health Disorders 0

The Different Types of Mental Health Disorders

Mental health, described by the World Health Organization as an optimal state of mental well-being where the patient recognizes his or herself as capable of coping with the demands of daily life, is a key to happiness and success in life. It involves the ability...

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Emotional Abuse 0

Domestic Violence and Signs of Emotional Abuse

Domestic violence (or also known as intimate partner abuse, domestic violence, dating violence, family violence, or spousal abuse) is any type of abuse that occurs in a romantic or sexual relationship between people. It can take the form of verbal abuse, physical abuse, or even...

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Marital Depression 0

Three Ways To Treat Marital Depression

The relationship between marital depression and sexual intimacy in a trusting relationship has been presented and discussed in the psychological literature for years. A very illustrative case example is provided to illustrate the social therapeutic implications of that view. This case study is from an...

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Causes of Marital Depression 0

4 Common Causes of Marital Depression

Marital depression is a common but silent partner to the increase of stress related to relationship difficulties in the United States. Although not well understood, research has demonstrated an association between marital depression, more likely depression, and increased levels of stress. The association between marital...

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Deal With Spontaneous Abortion 0

How to Deal With Spontaneous Abortion: Miscarriage

Miscarriage after abortion is a difficult subject for many women. There are mixed feelings that come along with this decision and in most cases are often avoided, because a mother chooses to have another child rather than make the painful choice to end a pregnancy....

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Power of Sorry 0

Power of Sorry in Building a Healthy Relationship

There are lots of good reasons that a wife or husband may have to say sorry to his or her partner. Maybe they just forgot an important anniversary, such as a birthday or an anniversary, or they’ve said something hurtful during an argument. Whatever mistake...

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How to Cook Goats Meat 0

A Few Tips on How to Cook Goats Meat

Goats are in many places around the world and the United States is one of them, so to market goats meat nationally a person will have to look at the right channels. This gives one a good opportunity to get all the information they need...

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Major Causes of Depression in Women

About two to three times more women than men suffer from depression. Many causes can raise a woman’s risk for depression. Depression can strike at any time. Depression is a long-term mood condition that causes an intense feeling of hopelessness and loss of interest in...

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Telehealth Care for Pediatricians 0

Top Telehealth Care Inventions for Pediatricians

Telehealth Care is a rapidly growing element of pediatric medical practice. Learn how to integrate this emerging trend into your own practice by following the steps outlined below. Develop a clear vision of the patient’s health needs, address those needs through the effective use of...

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