Do you want to gain muscle mass? Well, join the club. The pandemic made you have a lot of time on your hands, and many of us got into exercise and fitness. Seriously. If you want to build muscle mass as well, it involves two things.

Lifting free weights and working out at the gym. But there is another important thing. And that is eating the right food. If you miss any one out of these three things, you won’t be able to see the results you wish to achieve. You won’t get what drove you to get serious about your health and even do bodybuilding.

Protein and Bodybuilding

Now, when we, particularly, talk about food, one of the most important components we should focus on is protein. After all, they are the muscle building blocks. Protein helps you get your strength and store it for intense workout sessions.

Also, proteins help with muscle recovery that they need after every workout. However, how to know which are the best protein sources for your fitness goals? Which of the meats is going to help you beef up, fast?

Here are the top picks for your muscle-building diets, so you know which one to go for

Muscle Building Diets

When a person is trying to get in shape, it’s not surprising that he or she would want to try out some sort of muscle building diet to help him or her get to the desired results. There are many different kinds of diets and there are many people who swear by them while others don’t seem to be so thrilled with them.

It’s hard to say how effective a particular diet program really is when you just don’t have the chance to try them all. This is where muscle building diets really come into their own – they are a great way for a person to find out which one will work best for him or her.

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Muscle building diets come in many forms

Some diets are strictly vegetarian and some are diet programs that are vegan based. While this may seem like a bit of a gimmick at first, there are a lot of benefits to incorporating these types of diets into your daily routine.

For one thing, they are not high in fat, and therefore it’s very easy to stick to and they can be very convenient for many people. There are also many benefits to eating foods that are high in protein and iron as well. If a person has a poor diet, he or she might miss out on important nutrients such as

  • Protein
  • Iron
  • Vitamins and minerals which are vital for a healthy diet

Another benefit to muscle building diets is that they can be done at any time and anywhere

Many people have problems sticking to these kinds of diets because it requires a lot of discipline on their part. When a person is in a certain lifestyle, it’s not uncommon for a person to eat out a lot and this means that his or her diet is not a diet that is sustainable for that lifestyle.

With a muscle building diet, there is no need to be concerned with sticking to a certain eating plan. The diet works by helping a person to lose fat and build up muscle rather than losing weight. It can really be easy to be on a muscle building diet and achieve the results that you want.


First of all, we are going to talk about chicken. An all-time favorite and also a common go-to for those who want to gain muscles. Chicken breast happens to be the leanest meat varieties. That’s why it must be a part of your diet program.

See that you take chicken breast over chicken thigh as it contains a high content of dietary fat that is not suitable for your fitness goals. See that you remove the skin to lessen the dietary content as much as possible.

When having chicken, see that it is grilled, broiled, or baked without butter. This is to ensure that the nutritional benefits remain intact. Your best bet would be to get your hands on free-range chicken. This is a healthier source of fat.

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Moreover, as people are already consuming too many omega-6 fatty acids that are found in grain-fed chicken and not enough amount of omega 3s, you must choose grass.


Bison is great red meat that should make the list. It is not easily available as a regular steak. However, it happens to be an extremely lean source of protein that shall work amazingly well with any muscle-building program.

There are only 2.42 grams of fat found in 100 gram serving of bison. This makes this red meat almost as lean as a chicken that offers 2 grams of fat for a 100-gram serving. Bison is great for eating around the workout period as well as you want to keep the total fat intake low.

Compared to beef and chicken, bison has low cholesterol. However, at the same time, it also offers more iron. Compared to both bison and chicken. It is a rich source of Vitamin B6 and B12, phosphorus, selenium, and assist you in meeting your daily requirement of micronutrients.

Grass-fed Steak

This is the best source of protein you can benefit from during your muscle-building journey. Also, steak is slower to digest. This way, the process of protein synthesis is high for hours after eating it. Along with proteins, grass-fed steak comes with a wide range of healthy fats as well, such as CLA that helps with improvement in body combination.

Also, CLA is going to get you leaner as you build muscle. Steak is a great source of getting iron as well as zinc. These are two of the most essential minerals responsible for keeping your energy levels at optimal levels for your intense workouts.

There is some saturated fat in the grass-fed steak. However, if you buy the grass-fed variety, the fat might be less than other varieties. Also, not many know this that it helps with keeping the testosterone levels higher that are crucial to the overall muscle growth.

Turkey Breast

A holiday food item, turkey breast is another beneficial meat option. Usually, it is consumed during the holidays. However, turkey breast should be part of your diet plan. Moreover, a turkey is pretty big if you are cooking yourself, you can use the leftovers for days to come. This would save you time and make meal preparation easy for a few days.

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See that you choose white meat in turkey as it has less fat than all the other red meat varieties. But excess of anything is bad. The red meat of turkey has fat. However, you should know that this meat is high in minerals like folate, iron, and zinc. Do not eat turkey that comes with skin as it is fat content.

Want to build lean muscle mass? Here are your top choices. But see that these are only prepared lower fat and lower calorie cooking techniques. Meat tastes great when grilled as it keeps both the calorie and fat content down.

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So, go ahead and get that bulge!

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