Serious Candida Overgrowth

Serious Candida Overgrowth: 3 Tips to Help Treat It

Doctors tend to concentrate only on one body system where the Candida might be causing specific symptoms instead of focusing on the whole picture. Through clinical skin testing and taking a candida overgrow diagnosis by your doctor, many practitioners are able to diagnose specific symptoms of Candida overgrowth.

These can range from digestive distress to nervousness to acne to respiratory disorders. The reason doctors should focus on all the different types of symptoms when the condition is suspected as candida overgrowth is that each individual’s body chemistry can vary widely.

What one person experiences one time may not be the same for another?

The digestive system is one of the most complex and well-understood areas of the body and it’s also one of the least understood and researched in relation to symptoms. There are a number of factors that can cause a digestive upset and one of these is candida overgrowth.

This is why the symptoms of this condition can be so varied. Candida overgrowth is normally caused by too much yeast in the body. Usually, the infection occurs when there is not enough good bacteria in the system.

When there is not enough good bacteria or bad bacteria, then it can start to multiply uncontrollably, which leads to symptoms such as

  • Diarrhoea
  • Bloating
  • Excess gas
  • Heartburn, and
  • Abdominal pain

Other symptoms can include

  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Weight loss, and
  • Fatigue

The symptoms can occur in all body systems but some are more prone to Candida overgrowth than others. For instance, women are more likely than men to get this condition due to hormonal imbalances. Some people are prone to getting Candida overgrowth because of certain foods.

This includes those who have certain dietary habits such as those who eat

  • Dairy products
  • Yeast-rich food
  • Bread and cakes
  • Soy products and meats
  • A diet that is rich in sugar or starch
  • White flour
  • White rice
  • Processed foods
  • Sugarless gum and soda are also said to contribute to this condition

A diet that is high in processed sugars and other starches will be particularly bad for you if you have a Candida overgrow because sugar feeds yeast. so the sugar will cause your Candida overgrowth more easily and can cause it to overgrow in your digestive tract even faster.

There are a number of other ways to treat different health conditions including diet and medication and it’s up to you to try each one out to see what works best for you. Don’t be afraid to use natural remedies that won’t cause side effects.

But it is still possible to get relief for some of your symptoms naturally. One of the best natural remedies to treat Candida overgrowth is to take probiotics. Probiotics have the benefits of being able to restore the healthy balance of good bacteria in the body.

In addition to that, they also increase the amounts of good bacteria in the digestive tract

Many people with an overgrowth of Candida find that taking probiotics every day relieves their symptoms. It’s important to use probiotics on a regular basis in order to prevent a relapse from happening.

But for those who only have mild Candida overgrowth, taking one probiotic a day may be all you need to feel better. But even if you don’t have a severe overgrowth, taking a good probiotic may help improve your health.

Probiotics can help to restore the good bacteria in your system, making it easier for your body to digest food better and fight infections. Another type of natural probiotics is tea tree oil. This substance has been used for hundreds of years to treat infections throughout the world and it also has anti-fungal properties that make it good at fighting overgrowth.

You can use tea tree oil internally or you can use a topical treatment such as lotion or gel. The most common way to apply it is with a tampon or applied topically. Using tea tree oil to treat Candida overgrowth can help relieve your symptoms without causing any serious damage to the body.

Tea tree oil has natural antibacterial and antifungal properties that help to kill the fungus that causes the infection and also kills the beneficial bacteria that are in the digestive tract so it helps to stop Candida overgrowth.

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