Ringworm (Tinea Corporis)

Ringworm (Tinea Corporis) Prevention Program

Ringworm of the scalp is a common skin infection. It is not caused by fungi. You can easily purchase anti-fungal medicine over the counter at a drug store to get rid of it. The key symptom of ringworm is an inflamed or red rash that can become scaly. The infected area can be on any part of the body.

The most common symptom of ringworm is an inflamed or red rash which can be very itchy and can even itch when touched. The best sign that your hair is becoming damaged or dry is when you scratch the affected area and find small flakes of dead skin cells on your skin. The red rash that you see looks like a ring. It can be found almost anywhere.

The most common symptoms of ringworm are itching and a red rash that can spread to other areas of the skin. The most commonplace for ringworm is on the head, neck, back, face, and even groin. When you start to notice a rash, you should take action right away because ringworm cannot be treated once they have started to spread.

There are many options when it comes to ringworm treatment

The first thing you should do when you have an outbreak is to take a trip to the doctor. The doctor will diagnose ringworm based on your symptoms and some basic testing. He will likely recommend an over the counter medication that will kill the bacteria that causes the ringworm.

If the doctor says that the rash is caused by another skin problem such as eczema then you may want to treat that skin problem first. This could help you avoid a serious ringworm problem. If you already have ringworm treatment, you should treat it as well.

If the doctor says that you have fungal medication that will not work, you may want to visit a dermatologist for a prescription drug called Dermoid cream. that will kill the fungal bacteria. Once the medicine has worked, you will need to follow the ringworm treatment program carefully to keep the infection from coming back.

Ringworm treatment can be done over several weeks or months

Be sure to remember to use anti-fungal cream on all areas of the infected area. until the ringworm disappears. Keep in mind that while ringworm are contagious, they are not harmful and you should not let children play with them. If the ringworm is on your clothing, be sure to wash your clothing when you are finished with ringworm treatment.

Ringworm treatments are easy to use, but they do take time to be complete. It is important to have a constant supply of medicine on hand so that if your ringworm reappear you will be able to have the medicine on hand. When you have a ringworm prevention regimen in place, it is best to use it daily. Use one product for the entire treatment period.

You will probably want to make sure that you clean and disinfect surfaces where you come into contact with your ringworm infection. This includes areas where you shave, use toilet paper or apply lotion on. Also, you should wash your clothes and your bedding and towels before and after you use them, as these areas are also likely to harbor ringworm.

Home Remedy for Ringworm

There are few home remedies you can use in the prevention of the further spread of a fungal infection like ringworm, but first, you must consult your doctor before trying any of the natural remedies. Most of the home remedies are safe to use, but you must consider the severity of the infection first.

Listed below are some of the home remedies you can use for ringworm after consultation with your doctor. While medications in the form of liquid can be applied directly on the infected area using a cotton swab, others can be crushed and applied directly using a bandage.

  • Garlic extract
  • Tea tree oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Turmeric
  • Mustard seeds
  • Colloidal silver
  • Aloe vera
  • Vinegar and salt
  • Olive leaf
  • Lemongrass tea and much more

It is also important to remember that when you are treating your ringworm treatment, you should wear cotton undergarments. when you sleep. Cotton will not allow your ringworm to spread.

For people who are suffering from a ringworm infection, it is important to note that the best treatment is prevention. It is very important to get rid of your ringworm as soon as possible. By keeping a ringworm prevention regimen in place, you can prevent a re-occurrence of this nasty skin condition.

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