Psychological Problems

Psychological Problems that Leads to Erectile Dysfunction

Frequent erectile failure is undeniably one of the most common sexual ailments that have already impacted around eighteen million males who are above the age group of 20 years. As far as the causative factors of this sexual ailment are concerned, it can be physiological or psychological.

The most appropriate therapy which is to be administered for curing the sexual disorder relies upon the exact cause. The extensive research which has been done in this particular field signified that it is the psychological factors that are actually the most common contributory agents to this particular sexual condition.

Here are some of the psychological blockages which may lead to the persistence of erectile failures in males

Stress and Anxiety

Looking at stress and anxiety, these are two distinctive of psychological issues, but this is something that is already being closely linked to one another. At times, it is also stress which is one of the causative factors of frequent erectile failures in males.

When a person is under stress, this is going to cause anxiety, and this will be triggering out more of the stress. Thus it continues as a vicious cycle. So whenever you are taking into consideration the physical aspects of such factors, you will view stress as well as anxiety much more closely associated with one another that you have ever assumed.

When a person is under constant stress as well as anxiety, this is going to impact the capability of the human brain to send out the most appropriate of signals that triggering out the most desired of responsiveness, erection. Thus stress and at the same time anxiety, are truly serving as the contributory factors to the ongoing cycle of erectile failures. You can buy Fildena to treat erectile dysfunction in men.


Unless and until an individual has undergone this type of psychological issue, they will be assuming it to something which is being related to sadness.

However, it is not confined solely to sadness but away more than that. Looking at depression, this is something that is acting as the anchoring agent and it weighs an individual down to the body as well as the mind.

However, the thing is depression is going to impact all crucial aspects of human life which include physical as well as mental. There was a research study which is being published in the year 1998 in psychosomatic medicine, and it has clearly demonstrated the closest linkage between depression & erectile issues experienced in men belonging to the middle-aged group.

Performance anxiety

Well, at times, even performance anxiety is something that has become a completely self-fulfilling prophecy. In this type of psychological issue, an individual feels quite nervous about his capability to satisfy the partner in bed. It is this particular of nervousness, which might become the cause of male experiencing erectile failures frequently.

Sometimes, this performance anxiety issue is also getting triggered due to the worries that arise in a man’s mind about his capability to attain erections desirable enough for satisfactory sexual performance and also to please out his partner. Also when an individual has already undergone erection failure issues in the past, then can also be the cause of worry and leads to performance anxiety.

Addiction to porn

There are quite a large number of males who are addicted to pornography and it has become one of the potential causative factors for causing impotence in men.

Well when an individual Is hooked to watching porn and spending immense time in it, then there is actually a tendency of it developing the most unrealistic of expectations as far as sexual preferences are concerned.

Extensive research has been undergoing studying the impact of pornography on the sexual functioning of males and erectile responsiveness.

When an individual is indulged in watching porn constantly and he might be facing issues, what is considered as hyperstimulation, and this might be effective the sexual capability especially the erectile responses of males. Fildena 150 mg and Vidalista 20 mg help to improve men’s physical health and make a strong relationship.


Guilt is another mental block that can serve as the contributory factor to this particular sexual syndrome. When a person is under guilt, this can be due to some of the experiences or certain specific of behavioral patterns in which they have already participated.

The guilt may arise due to the incapability of an individual to satisfy the sex partner. It has also been found that certain individuals experience guilt due to some relationship problems or maybe they have gone through something adverse during their childhood times.

There can also be some sort of religious sentiments or cultural beliefs about certain specific sexual behaviors that may contribute to this particular sexual disorder.

Issues in relationship

At times, there can be troubles faced by couples in their relationship which impact a person at an emotional level. When an individual is facing some kind of issues in their relationship, then take Cenforce 100mg there may be a chance it impacts sexual health as well.

In between the partners, there can be arguing, fights due to lack of proper communication which may lead to anger, frustration. This tends to negatively impact the libido along with the sexual functioning of the individual.

So it is extremely vital to work upon and resolve all the issues that may pop up in between couple’s relationship from time to time. This can also help provide relief against sexual issues like erectile failures. So it is always advisable to seek the assistance of the relationship counselor or therapist in this particular regard.

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