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Sunlight Cause Skin Cancer 0

Does Visible Sunlight Cause Skin Cancer?

Sunscreen is one of those things that is always in style. It is in style because it does a lot to protect your skin and keep you from getting sunburn, the main cause of...

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Causes of Throat Cancer 0

Find Out What Causes Throat Cancer

There are a number of different causes of throat cancer and throat malignancy. Throat cancer is generally referred to as adenocarcinoma in the dental world. This type of cancer is generally found in smokers...

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Bone Cancer 0

What You Should Know About Bone Cancer

Bone cancer is a type of cancer that affects bones. It is not common in young people, but it can appear at any age and in all kinds of people’s body. The treatment of...

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Kybella 0

Kybella and Everything You Need to Know About It

Deoxycholic Acid, also called chlorogenic acid, Kybella, Celluform Plus and 3 α, 12α-dihydro-5β-chalcone, is a nonsteroidal, antiseptic bile acid found in animal fats and tissues. It is produced by the liver from carbohydrates, proteins,...

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Health Care Insurance 0

Health Care Insurance Plans

The concept of health insurance is the same as with any other type of insurance, only the terminology is different. Health insurance, however, is a type of insurance in which an insurance company will...

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Get Rid of Cancer 0

How to Get Rid of Cancer in Early Stages?

Cancer has been one of the world’s most dreaded diseases, with the cancer industry booming and figures constantly rising. All around the world, people are facing difficult times financially and health wise, as cancer...

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Identifying Angina 0

Identifying Angina (Ischemic Chest Pain) Symptoms

Angina is a medical term that describes chest pain usually felt in the left upper chest, sometimes behind the sternum. Angina is also known as ischemic chest pain or ischemic heart disease. It can...

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Slum Health 0

Slum Health: Living Conditions & Common Diseases

A slumdog is an inhabitant of a slum-dwelling community who lives in dilapidated houses, tenements, or squats. The word ‘slumdog’ derives from the and Hindi word ‘Laavaaris’, which means “street-urchin”. In most cases, the...

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Anemia Causes and Treatment 0

Anemia Causes and Treatment (Iron Deficiency)

Anemia is a medical problem with which many people are familiar. Anemia is anemia caused by a deficiency of red blood cells (usually known as anemia) in the blood. Anemia is usually indicated by...

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A man on a beach with his arms open 0

7 Hobbies That Can Help You Live Longer

Regardless of your age and profession, you should find time for hobbies. They should not be just a pastime, but activities that are good for your body and mind. Research has shown that doing...

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Technology and Blood Pressure Monitoring 0

Technology and Blood Pressure Monitoring

Blood pressure monitoring is a scientific process whereby measurements of pressure of blood are taken and analyzed to identify any changes in the blood pressure over a period of time. Blood pressure monitors are...

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