How to Have a Healthy Marriage

Husband and Wife – How to Have a Healthy Marriage

One of the little things that I have realized is that good women often make much more sense than their better-half. This has always made me somewhat wary of trying to do the same thing. After all, aren’t women supposed to be better at certain things than men? Not necessarily.

It’s not just the little things. Even when it comes to issues like children, keeping the house in order and keeping your husband devoted to you are things that a good wife can do rather well. So then, why would being a good wife be considered wrong when it comes to the subject of fights?

Well, for starters, we need to understand that we, as women, can be just as violent as our husbands. We don’t always choose to be, but they do choose us. Remember, women and children are a huge part of any marriage. Without them, you’re just a bunch of individuals.

So if you consistently and repeatedly abuse or batter your spouse, it becomes very easy to justify – and even fantasize about – some violent acts

The other reason that fights between you and your husband can become acceptable is that he may not always like fights. He may actually dread having one. This is especially true if he works in an office setting.

If he doesn’t like fights, he probably won’t feel like he needs to be physically aggressive to get what he wants from you. However, if he does happen to have one, he’s going to go through a range of emotions that most men would never consider.

He might start off feeling like you just want him back, and he’ll become resentful and angry. He’ll also realize that he’s wrong for constantly disrespecting you and not fighting harder for the relationship.

He might think that marriage counseling might be a good idea to help him realize what his mistakes have been and to work out his anger and resentments. All this will go through his mind, but he’ll usually choose to fight you on one of the grounds that you’re nagging him too much.

A good wife doesn’t allow her husband to use those kinds of emotional tools

When you get angry with your husband, keep in mind that you are doing it because you feel hurt and not because you want to hurt him. It’s easy to fall into the old habit of using “I don’t like fights” as an excuse when your husband doesn’t make an effort to discuss these issues with you.

If you’ve been a wife for a while, however, you’ve probably noticed that he seems to avoid talking about money. Sometimes, the mere mention of money starts a fight, so be careful.

Let your husband be the one to bring up the subject of finances

If your husband doesn’t want to talk about money, offer to go on a date with him or pay for a meal or two. You can make it seem as if the two of you are on an intimate mission together and this will make him open up more to you.

Be sure that you don’t get on his nerves by constantly talking about fights. You never know how long they last or if he’ll suddenly snap and become more defensive. In the heat of fighting, it’s easy to say things that you later regret.

Remember that even though you’ve built a good marriage, you still have to watch your words. Don’t let your emotions dictate what you say. A good wife treats her husband as she would her own brother. The relationship between a good wife and her husband is a rock that they can build on for years.

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