Grind Coffee at Home

How to Grind Coffee at Home: The Best Way

Coffee is an often drank drink prepared by roasting coffee beans, ground coffee powder, and some other ingredients. Roasted coffee is a ready-to-brew drink prepared by roasting coffee beans, the husks of roasted coffee berries, seeds from some Coffea species, and the roasted leaves.

When coffee plants turn brownish-green in color from green to reddish-brown in color, they’re picked, dried, and processed. Roasted coffee berries are roasted for varying degrees, according to the desired taste. The beans are then processed to give the smooth drink.

Enjoying a steaming and aromatic cup of coffee at home can be done in many ways

You can use a traditional Italian coffee maker or an espresso machine, among other options. If we leave aside the modern capsule coffee machines, we will have to choose between using ground coffee or buying coffee beans and grinding it ourselves.

Many people who are familiar with espresso coffee may have little idea of what goes into brewing this unique drink. As coffee is prepared in this way, different ingredients are added to the coffee bean. First, coffee is roasted.

Then, coarsely ground coffee is added to the top of the beans. The next step is to add water and grinds of the coffee powder to the top of the coffee beans. This will form what is called a shot of espresso. Next, the espresso is poured into a cup and served.

If you are one of those who like coffee to display all its aromas and retain all the flavor, you should start thinking about grinding the coffee yourself.

Although the ground coffee that we can buy in any store or supermarket comes perfectly packaged and vacuum packed, once we open it, by simple contact with air, its properties are diluted no matter how carefully we take.

On the other hand, coffee beans preserve their properties much better thanks to the bark of the bean that prevents it from oxidizing quickly, thus preserving its characteristic aroma and flavour much better. If you have convinced yourself that freshly ground coffee is the best option, now you have to know how the coffee should be ground.

Factors to consider when grinding coffee

  • The coffee, once ground, can have a coarse, fine or intermediate granule. It is important to know that depending on the coffee machine that we use to make coffee, one type of granule thickness will be better.
  • If we are going to use a percolator, it is best if the grain is coarse; if it is a filter coffee maker, the grain can be of the intermediate type; finally, if we are going to use an espresso machine, the grain must be finer.
  • Each type of coffee maker uses a different system to make coffee.
  • In those in which the coffee needs to be in contact with water longer, the granule must be thicker; if it were too fine, there would be too much coffee surface in contact with the water and the coffee would be too strong.
  • If, on the other hand, the granule is too thick and the contact time with water is very short (espresso machine), the coffee would be tasteless and very “weak”.
  • We must adapt the thickness of the grind to the coffee machine with which we make the coffee. The same thickness of the coffee granule does not apply to all types of coffee machines.

Types of coffee grinders

There is a wide variety of coffee grinders , we will see them below.

Manual grinders

Some of them are practical and functional, allowing you to adjust the type of thickness of the coffee grind .

They are not excessively expensive, and many models are built of solid materials and perform well. The milling burs are made of ceramic. They are easy to clean under the tap and are very easy and quick to use (in a minute you have the coffee necessary for a medium coffee maker ready).

Among the manual grinders we find others that, in addition to grinding, fulfill a decorative function; Their retro style makes them very attractive, although they do not grind with the same effectiveness as the previous case

Electric blade grinders

These grinders, rather than grinding, what they do is cut the grain with the blades that are incorporated, thus resulting in a very irregular granulate that will be detrimental to the quality of the coffee.

With this type of grinder, we cannot adjust the thickness of the coffee granule; This is something that we will do as long as we are grinding the grains (the longer the grind will be the finer).

They have the advantage that they are versatile. Although they are for grinding coffee, they grind other types of seeds or nuts without problems thanks to the power and their blades.

The glossy black Bosch MKM6003 grinder with a transparent lid perfectly grinds coffee in a few seconds. Its design is discreet and adapts well to any type of kitchen.

The button to activate it is located on the lid itself (if it is not properly closed it will not work. This is for safety reasons. Bear in mind that the blades would be very dangerous.

It has a capacity of 75 grams. of coffee. It is designed so that no coffee beans are left unground. You just have to be careful not to fill it too much with coffee, because when you open it, it may spill a little.

The quality of the materials is good, especially the functional part of the grinder (the blades are made of stainless steel). The lid is more fragile and you must be careful that it does not fall to the ground because it could crack.

It is not an excessively noisy grinder. There is no cord wrap, but you can wrap it around the grinder for when you want to store it. Due to the power it has, it can overheat if you use it for a certain amount of time. A blade grinder with a good value for money and from a brand of renowned prestige.

Electric grinding wheels

These grinders literally grind the coffee (do not grind it) and allow you to select different granule thicknesses. They ensure that the grinding is constant (there are no granules larger than others) which makes it possible for the coffee to come out better.

Another point in favour of this type of grinder is that they do not transmit as much heat to the coffee as those of blades, preventing the coffee from degrading during the grinding process.

They are more expensive, but if you are a true coffee lover, it will be worth the money invested. You can adjust the quantities to your needs. Whether you want to grind for 2 cups of coffee, or if you need to prepare 12 coffees, you won’t have major problems.

Espresso is typically served hot, in a thermos or as cold as possible. Many people enjoy their coffee hot but most prefer a nice cold cup of espresso when they feel the need to have a quick pick me up. There are many variations on the basics of making a great cup of coffee.

For example, espresso can be made from espresso powder, decaf espresso, regular espresso, and even instant espresso. You’ll be able to find many types of espresso machines at local stores and speciality shops. The type you buy will depend on how much money you are willing to invest. Some are quite sophisticated and others are fairly basic.

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