How Does the Human papillomavirus Cause Cancer

How Does the Human papillomavirus Cause Cancer?

Human papillomavirus or HPV is a sexually transmitted disease caused by a group of human papillomavirus-related viruses which have become genetically and physiologically stable in humans. There are more than 200 different kinds of human papillomavirus, all with their own specific skin surface to infect.

The common warts are caused by a specific type of human papillomavirus known as HPV 6, the most common form of this virus affecting the cervix, vagina, penis and anal area. Most of the other types of human papillomavirus cause other types of genital warts called HPV 11, HPV 13, HPV 15, HPV 16 and HPV 18.

Other warts which have the possibility to cause cervical cancer are the HPV 6 and HPV 11. Human papillomavirus can cause cancer and the virus replicates itself within the body. There is one variety of human papillomavirus, which causes vaginal cancer.

Genital warts also produce an abnormal growth of the wart

These abnormal warts have irregular shapes that are flat and can sometimes cause pain when touched. Some of these warts grow in areas where they cannot be seen by the naked eye. The human papillomavirus is found in many parts of the human body and the infection of any part of the body is not necessarily indicative of the presence of human papillomavirus.

A person can contract the virus even from touching the hands of an infected person. Human papillomavirus can also spread through sexual contact. Genital warts can be spread through sexual intercourse or oral sex with an infected person.

In the early stages of development, hhuman papillomavirus can be passed from a pregnant mother to the child during pregnancy. The virus then mutates into its abnormal form, causing the human papillomavirus in the child to mutate.

The virus in the child then becomes resistant to the drug used in treating it and spreads it to other parts of the body. This can lead to cancer.

The human papillomavirus can also cause cervical cancer in women

It may be transmitted by vaginal intercourse with an infected woman or from an infected man to a woman who is not infected with it. The human papillomavirus also causes throat cancer, which can be detected during a routine medical check up.

Cervical cancer in women can also be caused by the human papillomavirus if it mutates into a more aggressive form known as human papillomavirus-DNA. This form of the virus has the potential to cause cancer that is both sexually transmitted and cervical cancer.

If you have been diagnosed with human papillomavirus, you will be able to choose from a wide range of treatment options. The different forms of treatment will depend on your specific case and the seriousness of your condition.

Most people who suffer from this condition will seek to treat the virus and prevent it from mutating

This is done through the use of antiviral drugs. These drugs are available only by prescription and are given to the affected person in an injection form. Another common form of treatment for this type of human papillomavirus is surgery, which may be recommended depending on the size and location of the tumour.

In general, surgery will be recommended to remove the affected area so that the virus cannot multiply any further. Radiation therapy may also be prescribed to target the area where the virus has entered the body and allowed it to mutate.

A more complicated case may require a combination of surgery and radiation therapy. This type of treatment is also known as cryosurgery. Some people prefer to go in for immunotherapy, which involves the administration of an antibody which is created to fight off the human papillomavirus.

Although this process has been around for some time, there are still no vaccines or cures for it yet. However, the effectiveness of this treatment has increased dramatically with recent research. The good news is that the immune system has been enhanced by the introduction of several new vaccines.

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