How Can Natural Remedies Prevent Nephrolithiasis?

Nephrolithiasis is an extremely common ailment whereby hard crystallized calcium deposits, or nephroliths (renal calculus; kidney stone), form in the urinary system, generally in the bladder, resulting from kidney failure. These hard masses are the result of uric acid being saturated with calcium salts like calcium oxalate, phosphate, struvite or uric acid.

When the urate crystallizes, these crystals make a solid mass and it becomes hard to remove. The most obvious sign of nephrolithiasis is the presence of calcium deposits in the urine. But sometimes, the calcification occurs in other organs. In severe cases, the nephrolith is so large that it forms kidney stones.

In the United States, this condition is mostly found among people living in the Midwest, especially people who have a high protein diet. A high protein diet may be due to a lack of dietary fibre and calcium.

Other causes of nephrolithiasis are diabetes, high levels of uric acid and kidney damage, and excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages. These conditions cause severe kidney damage and hence, the nephroliths cannot be removed by normal urination.

In some cases of kidney failure, calcium can accumulate very slowly and thus, the condition might occur without having any symptoms. However, in other cases, the calcium deposits cause the kidneys to fail and cause the nephroliths to form in the kidney duct.

Nephrolithiasis can be treated with natural remedies

Although they are more suited to remove kidney stones in older people. But, more recent research shows that some of these treatments might cause some harmful side effects. Many of these natural remedies can be easily found in any health food store and are very cheap.

For example, one of the popular natural remedies for this condition is potassium citrate. Kidney stones are usually formed due to acidic urine. The urine in most people has a pH level of 7.5, where it neutralizes the mineral salts present in it.

It makes the urine alkaline and this helps the crystals dissolve, leading to the formation of nephroliths. Although kidney stones are very difficult to remove naturally, there are some medicines like calcium carbonate salts that are helpful in removing them.

Kidney stone removal through surgery or taking medications does not always lead to the disappearance of the nephroliths. They usually end up forming again in a few days. In this case, one needs to take special measures like alkalizing the urine, by drinking plenty of water and by making sure that the urine is completely devoid of calcium.

Natural remedies for Nephrolithiasis

Natural remedies for nephrolithiasis can be useful in treating this ailment and preventing the recurrence of the nephroliths. Certain foods like calcium carbonate and urea can be taken, which are very helpful in fighting kidney stones.

Vitamin C supplements, which help in preventing the formation of kidney stones are also helpful. Kidney stone removal can also be helped by consuming more fluids and avoiding alcohol. It is important to note that in the case of kidney stones, more fluids are needed because it helps in flushing out the kidney stones from the kidney and removes them from the blood.

If the amount of fluids is low, the kidney stones get accumulated in the urine and this leads to more kidney damage. Thus, it is important to stay hydrated at all times. The most effective way to deal with the problem of kidney stones is through herbal treatments, which have many benefits. Some of the best herbal treatments include

  • Tea tree oil
  • Echinacea
  • Eucalyptus oil

Some of the commonly available herbs that are known to treat nephrolithiasis are

These herbs contain alkalizing substances that can remove calcium from the urine. This helps in flushing out the nephrolithiasis stones from the urinary tract and also helps in improving the immune system of the body. The herbs like

  • Grapefruit seed extract
  • Bergamot
  • Grape seed extract
  • Fennel

All are known to reduce the amount of calcium that accumulates in the kidneys and help in the removal of kidney stones. Other than herbal treatments, some of the commonly used natural remedies also include drinking lots of water, which helps in cleansing the urine and flushing out the kidney stones from the urine.

The use of honey can be helpful in preventing the occurrence of kidney stones. It also helps in improving the general health of the body and relieving pain and discomfort, as it soothes the body.

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