Optimum Health For Your Skin

Guide To Keep The Optimum Health For Your Skin

We all know how essential it is to keep yourself hydrated throughout the year to maintain the body temperature and to keep your vital organs in excellent form to perform their various functions. When we say hydration is important the first thing that comes to our mind is water.

But have you ever wondered what does it mean by keeping your skin hydrated? The hydration of the skin refers to the increase in water to the skin which keeps your skin healthy and glowing, failing to do so will make it look dull and dry.

A well-hydrated skin feels smooth in touch, has more radiant and a maintained even tone overall. To make your skin like this you have to fulfill the skin’s thirst at a regular interval.

However, people get confused a lot when we talk about dehydrated skin that they often misunderstood with dry skin which is not the case and despite these two terms being used together, there is a major difference between them.

The beauty experts explain to us taking care of the skin every day is very important and that’s what brings us here to tell you about the skin secrets which will be going to be very useful for you.

During the summertime, we all feel very blessed to have AC at our home but it can be harmful to your skin if you haven’t paid attention to small details while purchasing it or if you are planning to get one shortly.

The basic principle on which all the air conditioners work is by de-humidifying the air

This is done by sucking all the excess moisture from the air but was we are present there as well; our skin tends to lose its moisture as well. This is why if you haven’t chosen an expert AC such as air conditioning Sydney who helps in maintaining the perfect humidity or moisture we need in our room, prolonged exposure to any other ordinary one can make your skin lose its glow and form up a dry structure on it.

Let’s talk about the difference between dehydrated and dry skin. A dehydrated skin forms up lack of water whose common symptoms are dull or dark-toned skin, dark circles or shadowing around the eyes area, itchiness, premature fine lines and wrinkles, dryness in the mouth, and puffy eyes whereas in the case of dry skin it is due to the lack required amount of sebum.

The other various reasons include the results of medications or skin diseases. The common symptoms are itchiness, redness, flakiness, and constant irritation in the skin. Apart from all this, climate, lifestyle, age, and the beauty products you use play a major role in the present condition of the skin you have.

5 ways you can hydrate your skin

Do Not Overlook Hydration

It might seem that you are drinking enough water but most often than not this is insufficient. The thumb rule to keep your skin hydrated is by drinking an adequate amount of water every day.

Make sure your body is having a minimum of eight to ten glasses of water in a day which you increase gradually until you feel fine. Individuals involved in various physical activities or do regular training need to have an adequate amount of water.

Bring In The Hydrating Products Usage

These days the market is filled with products that enhance your beauty in various ways and what could be a better choice than having a product that is water-based to complete the need for hydration for your skin.

Such products work their way through by penetrating the skin and gets the job done as per the requirements of the skin. While you are looking to buy similar products, make sure you choose one with all the hydrating ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, glycerine, urea, ceramides, and panthenol.

Make Perfect Choice In AC

If you have an older version of AC that doesn’t provide the facility of maintaining the humidity level of the room then you shouldn’t prefer to depend on them.

You can choose a ducting AC such as ducted air conditioning Sydney which will not only keep your skin healthy but save on your monthly electricity bills as well. Make sure to look for one the next time you are going for an upgrade.


You can use a humidifier once in a while which will help you in containing the moisture content your skin needs badly. They can turn out to be amazing in the area where people often experience dry winter months.

Healthy Eating

Apart from all the devices and products, the simplest way to keep your skin happy and healthy is by including various fruits (especially citrus) and vegetables in your daily regime as they are packed with Vitamin-C who maintains your skin’s texture.

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