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Graphology: Analysing a Person’s Ability using Handwriting

Graphology has been around for centuries and has its roots in the study of handwriting and character. Today, it is used as a way to find out the secret messages written on business cards, letters, books, and other printed materials.

People who practice graphology claim that it can tell you things about your personality, which is based on the things you write. It is a fairly new field, however, and not all people in the world believe in its powers.

Here is a brief summary of graphology, so you can understand what it is all about. Graphology is the study of the handwriting and other physical features of handwriting, claiming to be able to determine the writer based on certain physical features.

Graphology is usually thought of as a Pseudoscientific practice

The study of graphology was based on the belief that there were different signs that people could use to reveal their inner self and personal identity. Today, graphologists often look for these specific characteristics in handwriting.

Graphology: Analysing a Person's Ability using Handwriting

In graphology, handwriting analysis is done using a number of different techniques. One method uses a pen-sensitive light to detect changes in color in a person’s handwriting. Another method involves looking for the various types of markings on the surface of the paper itself.

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A person’s handwriting may contain a lot of symbols, which are not easy for some of the machines used to test handwriting analysis to interpret. This type of handwriting is called “abbreviated” handwriting. Some symbols, such as the alphabet, can be difficult to interpret for graphologists.

They may need to rely on other tools that can read more clearly. The most common mistake made in the graphological analysis is failing to recognize punctuation marks. While graphology has been around for hundreds of years, it is only in recent years that graphologists have begun to collect data from people’s handwriting.

One of the best ways to do this is through handwriting analysis software

This handwriting analysis software will take samples of a person’s handwriting and create a statistical analysis, based on the information they provide. The software will then run various types of analysis on the information that they have gathered, trying to figure out if the data is reliable.

Analysis is important because it helps people decide on whether or not to take action. Sometimes it can help determine the right course of action to take, such as whether to seek legal advice or medical advice.

Some of the things that can be determined through handwriting analysis include

  • Whether or not a person has depression
  • Substance abuse
  • Is it someone who has difficulty with the English language
  • Is the person in therapy
  • Is the person involved in a relationship
  • If the person has a history of suicide attempts

Many graphs will also look at the levels of stress in a person’s life and whether or not the handwriting is a reflection of a person’s inner feelings.

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According to Dipo Macjob (CEO Macdiptoy Consulting), the first Certify Graphologist in Nigeria

Graphology: Analysing a Person's Ability using Handwriting

Dipo Macjob is a man who can predict a person’s fitness for a job through handwriting, as a graphologist, Dipo can use several tests to see if a person is a good candidate for a job through handwriting, and also for a particular therapy.

He can also use his skills to make sure that a person has received the proper nutrition that they need to feel better, handle certain therapies. If a graphologist is evaluating the handwriting analysis for a possible medical reason.

They will look at how the writing is written, how it looks, and what the person has been writing about. For example, if a person is worried about being rejected from a job, they might find that they have been writing about it for a long period of time.

If a person has been suffering from financial difficulties, the handwriting may reflect the fact that they have had problems paying their bills. A good graphologist will take their time while testing a person’s handwriting to be sure that the information is accurate and trustworthy.

They will check for spelling errors, misspellings, punctuation, and other problems that could lead to the person misinterpreting the data. If a person is being examined for depression, they will also look for changes in the person’s eating habits.

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