Birth Control

Facts You May Not Have Known About Birth Control

The most commonly used form of birth control is the combined pill. This combines both the woman’s hormones estrogen and progestin. However, there are other methods that can be used in conjunction with it. These are the birth control

  • Ring
  • Patch
  • Shot
  • The diaphragm

For women who want to be able to use birth control pills for longer periods of time, a method known as continuous-cycle hormone replacement is recommended.

This is achieved through taking the combination pills along with an estrogen-progestin shot. Continuous-cycle hormones to replace the estrogen and progesterone within the body.

Therefore, they will not only prevent ovulation, but they will also prevent menstruation. This is an excellent method to use if you have had four or more pregnancies.

Another birth control pill that has many benefits is the birth control ring

This is inserted into the vagina just before ovulation occurs. The ring contains either mestranol or ethinylestradiol, which interfere with the production of the male hormones testosterone and estrogen. The ring will prevent the release of the egg from the ovary, thus ensuring fertilization does not occur.

Sudden unexpected pregnancy may be brought about by certain health problems. In these cases, doctors will usually advise the woman to take birth control pills. Many women are able to continue with their normal activities while on the pill, which allows them to continue with their exercise routine as well.

Many women who suffer from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) are advised to avoid taking birth control pills while they are pregnant. They should instead consult a physician for further advice or for possible treatment.

If a woman has difficulty getting pregnant or she already has one child, birth control pills can still be used to help her. This method is called the combined birth control pill.

The birth control pill contains the same ingredients as the combined pill, but it has been mixed together in a pill container to create a single dose. Women can take the pill every day if desired, but they must use another form of birth control as well.

The other form of birth control is the barrier system, which prevents sperm from ever reaching the birth control pill

Birth control systems that prevent pregnancy and prevent ovulation are known as hormonal pills. These types of pills contain a synthetic form of estrogen or progestin.

There are also non-hormonal pills that are effective for those wanting to prevent pregnancy, but are not effective at preventing implantation. Indira, Freestyle, Medrol, and Nia are three different brands of active pills that are considered effective at preventing pregnancy.

These brands of active pills must be taken daily for three months every day and then replaced with a non-hormonal pill. A few years ago, birth control pills were made available over the counter, but most women still choose to use them via a prescription.

Because the active ingredient in these pills may be the same or very similar to an illegal drug, the penalties for distributing or operating a home pregnancy prevention system are strict in many states. Doctors who prescribe these drugs without a prescription have also signed contracts not to provide medical benefits to their patients who take them.

Another option available for those who do not wish to take a hormonal pill is the birth control patch

The patch is applied to the skin every month, and the hormones it contains pass through the body just as regular hormone pills do. The active ingredients in the patch are estrogen and progestin, which are derived from the mother’s ovaries.

For the first few months, the patch can prevent regular periods, but after this time, it must be discontinued because the body is no longer producing the levels of hormones needed to maintain a normal cycle.

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