Eye Redness

Do You Understand the Cause of Eye Redness?

The cause of eye redness is not a concern for most people. It mostly happens with old age, when the pigment in the eyeball is depleted and it is unable to absorb the light properly. This leads to various problems. At best you will experience milder stinging or prickly sensation or even complete loss of vision.

The discomfort can be reduced by resorting to sunglasses, lenses, or eye drops. However, if the problem is serious then you need to consult your ophthalmologist, who can help in diagnosing your problem and prescribing appropriate treatment.

It is common that people become irritated when they are exposed to sunlight. It is natural for us to become sensitive when our eyes are exposed to the sun’s UV rays. But this does not mean that it can cause permanent problems in our eyes.

Actually, there are several things that can cause redness and discomfort in our eyes

  • One of them is dehydration

Our body needs water to perform various functions. On the other hand, our body cannot hold on to the fluid if the dehydration is severe. This is one of the major causes of eye problems.

  • Some drugs cause this problem

Taking antibiotics for a long time can reduce the amount of oxygen reaching into our body. This reduces the production of hemoglobin in our eyes. Hemoglobin absorbs more oxygen than any of the other substances present in our body. When this lack of oxygen is coupled with decreased blood supply to the eye, the result is severe stinging and puffiness.

  • Stress and emotional upset also cause this problem

Many people have reported eye redness and discomfort after a big event in their lives like a wedding, reunion or a promotion at work. These causes of eye problems are very temporary.

Most of the time the problem is cured after some time. This is also one of the reasons why the cure of the cause of eye redness or discomfort does not last long.

  • Exposure to the sun is also a known cause of eye irritation and redness

In fact, it is the most common cause of eye problems. Our eyes get red because of chemicals and substances that are present in the sun. We can stay away from the sun, however, by using appropriate sunglasses, hats and clothing.

Other than the known causes of eye irritations and redness, there are also many unknown reasons

  • One example is the reaction of our bodies towards certain medicines

If the medicine has a strong odor, our body may have a strong negative reaction. One of the most common causes of eye redness is due to heredity. If any of your parents had this condition, you are likely to experience it as well.

  • Age is another factor

As we age, our body undergoes several changes. It’s more difficult to maintain the immune system and other essential organs. Any disease can affect the immune system and even our eyes. This is also one of the reasons why the infection is also a known cause of eye redness.

  • Infection can cause irritation to our eyes

It can be a result of bacteria or viruses. Sometimes, eye irritation is caused by chemical residues in detergents, cleaning agents, and other cosmetic products. These residues can cause our eyes to be reddened.

  • Another cause of eye redness is chronic inflammation

This condition can occur when the body’s immune system is attacked by a virus or bacteria. Eye inflammation can cause eye redness for months. Some symptoms of inflammation include headache, blurred vision, nausea, tiredness, and fever. Inflammation can cause permanent damage to the eye.

  • The causes of eye redness are quite simple

All it takes is a few factors that will lead to the appearance of redness in the eyes. Once the eyes are red, it’s already time to see your doctor. Your doctor can determine the root cause of your condition and provide you with the appropriate treatment. Eye redness can be a sign of several serious diseases, so make sure to have it treated right away.

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