Common Treatments For Urticaria (Nettle Rash)

Urticaria is an inflamed skin rash, which is usually triggered by an insect that is inhaled. An insect is something that creates an allergy reaction in the body. It’s also sometimes referred to as welts, hives, itch, or nettle rash. The immune system releases histamines. Histamines are substances that cause the swelling, burning and itchiness.

It’s not possible to actually get rid of urticaria and uric acid crystals in the body; it’s not a condition where you can have a pill taken to get rid of it. Your body will just continue to produce more uric acid and the itching will continue. The cause of urticaria is still unknown but there are several theories surrounding the cause of urticaria and a skin rash.

One theory is that uric acid in the urine is a result of a high amount of protein which is found in the bloodstream. This excess of protein in the blood causes the breakdown of proteins in the blood, which leads to uric acid being formed. It’s also thought to be a result of the liver not properly filtering the uric acid when it comes from your body.

Another theory is that uric acid crystals build up in the small vessels in the nose. This is a condition called mucus impaction. When this happens, mucus is secreted into the airways where it gets stuck and creates the itchiness. When the immune system reacts to the mucus, it releases histamines.

This is believed to be a cause of urticaria

Another theory is that the immune system actually causes an allergy to the histamines. If there is a person who has allergic reactions to allergens, there may be a person who has the immune system that actually causes that. It’s thought that if the immune system is out of whack, it can cause a lot of symptoms including urticaria and hives.

One study shows that a person who has a compromised immune system may be prone to hives and urticaria. This person’s immune system has a lowered resistance to histamine, thus making it easier for the histamines to cause a reaction.

There was one study that showed that a person with HIV was less likely to get hives than someone who doesn’t have HIV. This study concluded that hives may be caused by an immune system defect and that people with HIV were more prone to developing hives. Read more about the causes of urticaria.

There are several treatments for urticaria and a weakened immune system

One popular treatment is a drug called prednisone. This medication works well to control the itching and inflammation associated with urticaria and it also gives a patient relief from a rash. In severe cases, doctors can prescribe antibiotics to treat the disease and the rash.

Hives treatment includes creams and lotions. There is a medication called corticosteroids, which can be used if the rash is more severe. These medications are very helpful for the relief of itching and can help to reduce the number of hives the patient has.

There are some situations where a doctor may recommend a surgical procedure like photocoagulation to reduce the number of hives that the patient has. This procedure involves exposing the skin to light and removing the cells responsible for causing hives. The procedure can be very effective but there are side effects.

Urticaria can be treated with home remedies

Home remedies include using tea tree oil and rosewater as an astringent on the skin. Other remedies include applying the crushed up leaves of lavender and comfrey to the affected area and taking zinc supplements.

While there are some common treatments for urticaria, there are still no sure-fire ways to completely cure the condition. Some patients experience relief from the symptoms of urticaria, while others experience only minor relief. There are a few other common forms of treatment for urticaria such as Botox and surgery are very costly and risky. You should talk to your doctor before trying any of these methods.

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