Chewing Tips After A Filling

Chewing Tips After A Dental Filling

Some dentists say that after 1 day of the dental filling you need not chew anything. Also, what food is good for you after getting the tooth filled and when you can eat it? Over this topic, some very good instructions will be given to you by a dentist. Your wait time can get affected by the fillings of various types. Now I am going to give you chewing tips after a filling.

Fillings of various types and their effect on wait time

  • Composite filling – This filling is tooth coloured or white. If on your tooth a blue UV light is thrown by a dentist then this filling becomes hard immediately. Just when you leave the office of the dentist, you can eat the food. Before chewing anything, you may also be asked to wait for 2 hours as per the recommendation of the dentist.
  • Amalgam filling – This filling is silver-coloured. For getting hard the 24 hours’ time is normally taken by this type of filling. Before chewing anything, you may be asked to wait for 24 hours as per the recommendation of the dentist.

After the procedure the eating can get affected by a number of variables

  • Heightened sensitivity – There is a possibility that after the procedure you may have to wait for 1 to 2 weeks to eat cold or hot foods because sensitivity can occur in your teeth to these types of foods just after the procedure. You may be asked not to eat beverages and foods that are cold or hot as per the suggestion of the dentist.
  • Discomfort in the gum tissue – Sometimes the irritation can occur in the tooth’s adjacent gum tissue as a result of the procedure. Because of this soreness can occur in the gum tissue. For some days you will not be able to chew comfortably from the mouth’s that side. In order to give a better feeling to your gums take some warm water and pour some salt in it. Then rinse your mouth with it.
  • Discomfort after the procedure – When your tooth will get filled then you can have discomfort. Because of this, your desire of eating something can get affected. You can get your comfort back by eating ibuprofen as recommended by a dentist.
  • Problems because of local anaesthetic – After the procedure, a local anaesthetic may be administered to you by your dentist for the purpose of reducing pain. But because of this, biting of the lips, cheeks or tongue may happen accidentally because you don’t have any sensation in the mouth. It will take around 3 hours to get rid of numbing.
  • You may have a different bite – There is a possibility that when the tooth gets filled a different feeling can occur in your mouth while biting something. You will feel that a normal coming together of your teeth has not happened. If you feel uneven while biting something then go to a dental clinic. They will help you in getting the normal bite back after adjusting the filled tooth.

What to eat after the procedure?

After getting the tooth filled some tenderness may be experienced by the people. For minimizing the discomfort, a number of practical tips need to be followed by the patient:

  • Close your mouth and then chew – Sometimes after the procedure sensitivity to cold and hot food can occur in your teeth. You can feel discomfort because of cold air also. You can prevent your mouth from getting cold air by closing the mouth.
  • Try to avoid beverages and food that are cold and hot – In order to avoid triggering sensitivities, you need to eat drinks and foods that are not so cold or so hot.
  • Try to avoid foods containing sugar – After the tooth gets filled, the bacteria can grow near it because of eating foods containing sugar. Along with this, the sensitivity can also occur by drinking and eating sugary foods.
  • Eat slowly – Near the filled tooth the mouth’s side can be prevented from getting chewed as well as hard biting can also be avoided if you eat slowly.
  • Try to avoid foods that are sticky – A dislodging of the new filling can occur if just after the procedure you start taking foods that are sticky. As compared to composite filling, in an amalgam filling the chances of happening this is more.
  • Try to avoid foods that are hard – After the procedure doesn’t eat hard foods like ice, nuts or hard candy. Your tooth can’t bear so much pressure exerted by chewing these types of foods and can be in pain. A silver filling that is new can get dislodged if you will bite hard foods.

Some key takeaways

What kind of food is good for you after the procedure? It depends on the filling type. As compared to the composite the amalgam filling takes more time to set and it is nearly about 24 hours. To get my tooth filled I will visit the best dentist near me.

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