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Jaundice in Dogs 0

A Little Information on Jaundice in Dogs

Jaundice in dogs is common in puppies and can be fatal to a young dog. This condition is characterized by a yellowish colouration or a bluish tint to the skin. In older dogs, jaundice...

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Newcastle Disease 0

Newcastle Disease – What You Should Know

Newcastle Disease, sometimes called the bird flu, is a severe viral infection that attacks various species of wild and domestic birds on varying levels. Domestic fowl such as turkeys, geese and pheasants are most...

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Dog Polymyositis 0

What Are the Symptoms of Dog Polymyositis?

Many veterinarians are unaware of the fact that dogs can have a form of canine polymyopathy. This condition can occur in any dog, but dogs with polymyositis usually display similar symptoms. The main difference...

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