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Signs of Major Depression 0

The Signs of Major Depression (A Silent Killer)

Major depression can be a silent killer. When untreated, it can lead to major changes in a person’s life, including the loss of employment, a lack of love in the relationship, and the inability...

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cholesterol in your blood 1

The Genetics of Hyperlipidemia – High Cholesterol

Hyperlipidemia is a condition where there is too much fat in the bloodstream. The body needs fat to produce energy and carry away waste. These fat particles are often fat from the natural fat...

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Kidney Abscesses 0

Kidney Abscesses (Renal Abscess) Symptoms

Kidney abscesses are very common to people that have had their first experience with kidney disease. It can be a serious condition and if you have had it then you will know why it...

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Impotence in Men Over 50 and Young Male 0

Causes of Impotence in Men Over 50 and Young Male

Impotence, also known as erectile dysfunction, is the inability of an adult male to achieve and maintain an erection sufficient to engage in or achieve sexual intercourse with a partner. Though it is most...

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Bipolar Disorder in Teenagers 0

The Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder in Teenagers

Bipolar disorder, otherwise known as bipolar affective disorder, is an emotional health disorder that causes extreme mood swings that include emotional highs (Mania or hypomania) and lows (recovery or depression). It is a common...

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Causes Of Heart Disease 0

Surprising Causes Of Heart Disease

When you look back over the past several years, you will find that the number of people dying from heart disease has risen dramatically. While it is still important for every individual to remain...

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Liquefaction of Kidney 0

Liquefaction of Kidney: Causes and Symptoms

Liquefaction of the kidney is a major problem that can happen to anyone at any age. The most common cause of this condition is diabetes, as it is the primary complication of diabetes. If...

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Symptoms of Appendicitis 0

Symptoms of Appendicitis Can Cause You Great Pain

Symptoms of appendicitis may vary in their intensity and occurrence. Depending on the specific cause for appendicitis, the symptoms can range from mild to severe. For some patients with appendicitis, the symptoms can be...

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Bacterial infections 0

Burning Sensations in the Urinary Tract

Bacterial infections can attack almost any part of the human body, although the respiratory tract is considered the most common location for bacterial infections. Many of these infections are fairly mild; however, some are...

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Symptoms of Strep Throat 0

What Are the Symptoms of Strep Throat?

Strep throat is a very common condition. Most of the time, strep throat is caused by viruses but sometimes it can also be caused by bacteria. Sometimes, strep throat is simply an allergic reaction...

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Ways Arthritis May Lead to Cancer 0

Ways Arthritis May Lead to Cancer

Arthritis is a very common condition in humans today. This condition affects millions of people of all ages, walks of life, and even sexes. Arthritis is characterized by swelling of the joints, which results...

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Sunlight Cause Skin Cancer 0

Does Visible Sunlight Cause Skin Cancer?

Sunscreen is one of those things that is always in style. It is in style because it does a lot to protect your skin and keep you from getting sunburn, the main cause of...

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Causes of Throat Cancer 0

Find Out What Causes Throat Cancer

There are a number of different causes of throat cancer and throat malignancy. Throat cancer is generally referred to as adenocarcinoma in the dental world. This type of cancer is generally found in smokers...

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Bone Cancer 0

What You Should Know About Bone Cancer

Bone cancer is a type of cancer that affects bones. It is not common in young people, but it can appear at any age and in all kinds of people’s body. The treatment of...

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