Calendar Method of Family Planning

Calendar Method of Family Planning – How to Get Pregnant

The calendar method of natural family planning is definitely one of the least expensive natural birth control methods. It also has no serious side effects as compared to other methods. The reason for that is because of your monthly menstrual cycle, which is the approximate time between Days 12 to Days 16 of your menstrual flow, is determined by your ovulation date.

If you are aware of it, you can use the calendar method for avoiding pregnancy. However, for those who are not aware of it,

Here is how the calendar method of natural family planning method works

Start keeping track of the months on the calendar in the order of their names. For example, for January, start tracking from the first day of January until the last day of February.

Each month, chart down the monthly flow. Write down the date of your last menstrual cycle and the month date. This will help you in knowing when you will be ovulating.

Determine your period, the month of your period and your next menstrual cycle. Keep these dates on a calendar. Your cycle will repeat itself for the next three months.

Keep track of the date of ovulation by marking down when you will ovulate. Do not rely solely on ovulation dates for determining your fertile days. Ovulation cycles are generally irregular.

You need to take a look at your cervical mucus samples

Continue tracking the month dates on the calendar as well as the month and year of your menstrual cycles. You can also write down your period cycle, so you will be able to tell when you are ovulating. It will be easier for you to determine when you are ovulating.

Determine which week of the month you ovulate based on your cervical mucus sample. If you do not ovulate on this week, do not assume that you cannot get pregnant since there may be other factors involved.

Keep track of your cycle for the next two weeks and see whether you are ovulating. Check your cervical mucus samples. If you do not ovulate, do not get alarmed as there may be other reasons. For that.

You have to understand that your cycle is different with each woman

Your cycle could change each month. Keep track of your cycle to know what your cycle is like for the next few months. After ovulating, keep track of the length of your cycle.

You should have a cycle that is equal to or slightly longer than your estimated date of ovulation. To ensure that you are ovulating. At least twice per month.

Make an appointment to have your cervical fluid tested and analyzed to determine your cycle length. Once the fluid is analyzed, check it carefully.

You should have more than one month’s worth if you are ovulating once a month. if you are ovulating twice per month. If you are ovulating more than once per month, you should check your cervical mucus samples for any irregularities.

If you are not ovulating once per month, you need to visit your doctor immediately

This could be a sign of irregularity. You might want to get pregnant if your cycle is irregular. If the irregularity of your cycle is not detected in time, it could prevent you from becoming pregnant. An irregularity is not an indication that you are not fertile.

Fertile; irregularity is an indication that you should look at other methods. To find out if you have an irregularity, you can have the fluid analyzed or get the results. If you have been trying to conceive for several months and the irregularity is still not resolved, you should discuss it with your doctor.

Irregularity is a good indicator that you should stop trying to conceive. You should be able to conceive if you continue with proper fertility management. This method is great if you do not want to wait for an egg to come out of your ovary. However, if you want to get pregnant, you should consult your doctor about using any other method.

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