Antioxidant Foods for Erectile Dysfunction

Best Antioxidant Foods for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction in males is due to various physical and mental conditions. Most cases are also due to oxidative stress factors caused by smoking, hypertension, diabetes, etc.

It has been proved by medical studies that including food rich in antioxidants helps males reduce erectile dysfunction degree. Erectile dysfunction induced by lifestyle factors can be totally cured by foods and fruits that are rich in antioxidants.

Males who support the diet with some form of physical activity get faster results. It also came out of medical studies that males with normal health, but facing erectile dysfunction get permanent cure with regular consumption of antioxidant diet.

Role of antioxidants in erectile dysfunction

There is growing scientific evidence that antioxidants support the fertility of males and females as well. The curb on oxidative stress helps antioxidants to relieve males of any erectile issue.

Researchers found out that nitric oxide gets damaged due to oxidative stress. It prevents the relaxation of blood vessels which is the base of smooth blood circulation. The free radicals are the culprit behind damage caused to blood vessels.

When males increase their diet rich in antioxidants, the damage to blood vessels comes down, and an increase in blood circulation was observed. This is the reason why an antioxidant-rich diet including, food and fruits, keep the erection process smooth and reduces the need for generic Cialis 60 mg to overcome erectile difficulty.

Some best antioxidant food items with a proven role in curing erectile issues


Anthocyanin, antioxidants in berries plays an important role in checking the progression of erectile dysfunction. It also gives color to the fruit. This antioxidant protects the inner walls of arteries from damage caused by free radicals.

The curb on free radicals by anthocyanin keeps vessels flexible. In addition to its role as antioxidant, the anthocyanin stimulates the release of nitric oxide, which relaxes blood vessels.

The whole impact is increase in blood circulation towards the pelvic area. It leads to normal erection with necessary physical stimulation.


The fruit is packed with antioxidants and nitrates. Both work together to keep damage away from blood vessels and increase flow of blood by dilating the blood vessels .

The nitric oxide is the result of conversion of nitrates. It stimulates the release of cGMP, which dilates the blood vessels to increase blood supply. The end result is more nutrients and oxygen to muscles and other vital parts of the body.

The greater blood flow overcomes any erectile dysfunction. Males who are prescribed higher doses of Sildenafil citrate 200mg can reduce the need for higher doses by just daily drinking a glass of pomegranate juice for 6 weeks.


The antioxidants in grapes create more space in blood vessels by relaxing the vessels. It helps blood vessels work efficiently in promoting blood flow towards the pelvic area.

The curb on inflammation and other molecules keeps blood smooth, as certain molecules make blood sticky which reduces the blood flow. So grapes encourage the blood flow by protecting the damage to blood vessels by free radicals.

Citrus fruit

Citrus fruits, especially orange, work as a bid booster to erection in males. The antioxidants in fruit lower inflammation keep blood clot formation in check and encourage blood circulation.

The vitamin C in oranges is a great stress booster antioxidant. Since stress is a common risk factor in males with lower to higher erectile dysfunction, orange as part of the diet will work wonder for some males.


Pistachio has antioxidants, proteins, fiber and healthy fats. The combined result is healthy heart, and normal nitric oxide that helps promote blood circulation.

Studies have revealed that 10 grams of pistachio for 3 weeks improved results for males with erectile dysfunction. The healthy fat in the dry fruit increases the efficiency of the heart to ensure smooth blood circulation.


The role of antioxidants in cutting down oxidative stress has been proved. And, oxidative stress is one of the factors behind erectile dysfunction in males.

Make the aforementioned fruits and food items part of a diet to improve the health of the heart, keep blood vessels flexible, and remove the dependency on drugs to improve the erection process. Add some exercises to your daily routine to get faster results in lowering the degree of erectile dysfunction.

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