Are you aware that noticeable aging signs are usually a result of volume loss? Hollowed cheeks and lines that appear around the nose and mouth are because of thinning facial tissues. Dermal fillers can prevent all this.

Dermal fillers replenishes lost volume and smooth the creases and lines formed which ultimately gives the lips a fuller appearance and restores your youthful glow. Read on to learn all about injectable filler treatments.

What are Injectable Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers are a renowned facial revitalisation treatment. It involves the injection of a gel-like substance just under the skin to replenish lost volume and smooth lines and creases on the face.

Injectable Dermal Fillers and Guides

Dermal fillers enhance the facial shape and are a very affordable way to maintain a youthful and beautiful appearance without plastic surgery.

How can Dermal Fillers improve my appearance?

Dermal fillers do a lot more than smooth creases or wrinkles. They help to enhance your whole facial appearance. Here are some of the facial issues dermal fillers help to correct:

  • Restore and replenish lost volume to hollow cheeks or foreheads.
  • Soften smile and marionette lines (lines around the mouth and nose).
  • Make lips full and reduce vertical lip lines.
  • Smooth outlines around the chin.
  • Improves the alignment of different facial features.

What are Fillers Made With?

Cosmetic practitioners make use of different kinds of fillers, and they are classified based on the substances used to produce them.

Hyaluronic Acid (HA)

Hyaluronic Acid is a substance that is naturally found in your skin. It is responsible for keeping your skin fresh and hydrated. Although temporal, HA fillers do the same job when injected into your skin.

They are soft, gel-like, and the effects can last between 6 – 12 months or more. In most cases, lidocaine is added to the HA filler to help reduce any inconvenience during or after the treatment.

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Calcium Hydroxylapatite (CaHA)

This is another substance that occurs naturally in the body, specifically in our bones. As a filler, it is smooth and gel-filled with suspended tiny calcium particles. It has a thicker filler consistency in comparison with hyaluronic acid and usually lasts longer.

Patients testify of its effectiveness for up to 12 months. Calcium Hydroxylapatite is typically used for patients with very deep lines and creases, and it encourages the production of natural collagen.

Poly-L-lactic Acid

Poly-L-lactic acid is a synthetic substance that is both biodegradable and compatible with the human body. It is no stranger to medical devices and has been in use for a long time. The products of Poly-L-lactic acid are very effective in stimulating collagen production.

Their primary function is to aid in the production of natural collagen for the skin and soften facial lines and wrinkles. The filler itself dissolves in a few days, shortly after this treatment. The results of this filler can last for 2 years or more.

Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA)

Polymethylmethacrylate is a synthetic biocompatible (safe to use in the body) substance that has been used for decades in medicine. As a dermal filler, PMMA is in the form of a tiny ball or sphere that is kept under the skin indefinitely. Its fillers contain collagen that helps provide firmness and structure for the skin.

Autologous Fat Injections ( facial fat grafting)

This is the only injectable dermal fillers that require surgery. It involves the removal of fat from your own body, and then after the fat is cleaned, it is injected into the face to replenish the volume that’s no longer there.

It usually involves liposuction, and the fat is used to restore volume to facial features. An experienced and certified specialist should do this type of injection in order to get the maximum results.

Selecting a filler treatment provider

Choosing a provider for your injectable requires as much carefulness and inspection as you will a surgical procedure. Filler treatment might not be surgery, but it is still a medical procedure that requires special skill and training, to ensure all necessary safety precautions are taken, and the best results are gotten.

Select a provider that is both skilled and knowledgeable in facial anatomy, possesses an eye for aesthetics, and has the precision of a surgeon. Make sure the provider you select has a known history in cosmetic medicine and experience in performing filler procedures.

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Check reviews of the patients of a potential provider and ask for picture evidence of previous procedures. Ensure everything is to your satisfaction before arriving at a decision.

Which filler do I need?

Due to the numerous filler products available, it might seem overwhelming to decide on the filler product to use. It is best to make this decision with an experienced cosmetic practitioner. Each filler product is uniquely designed with a specific depth, texture and consistency.

Some filler products are more suitable for certain areas of the face than others. This is where your provider comes in. They will help you select the best filler for your facial treatment.

What to expect during treatment

Dermal fillers injection treatment is not exactly a surgical procedure and can easily be done during a visit to your doctor. The first part of the treatment involves consultation with your cosmetic doctor.

Pre-treatment Consultation

At this stage, your cosmetic surgeon answers all your questions and evaluates your medical history. Although dermal fillers procedure is low risk, it is still essential for you to fully disclose your medical history to your surgeon to avoid any complications that could affect the results.

Whatever allergies you’ve got, skin or neurological disorders, medications you’ve been taking, NSAIDs inclusive, your cosmetic surgeon must be made aware of it all.

Your Injectable Fillers Treatment

Before the procedure begins, the area of treatment will be cleaned, and before the injection, you will be given a topical anaesthetic to numb that part of your face.

Lidocaine is a mild anaesthetic that is frequently found in many filler products as it is used to reduce discomfort of any kind to the barest minimum during and after your treatment. Your surgeon will inject the appropriate amount of filler just beneath your skin for the treatment.

Once the treatment is done, you should be able to see changes, depending on the product used and the area of your face the treatment occurred. Mild bruising and swelling are temporary side effects that subside in a few days. You should be able to resume your everyday routine right after the treatment, but your surgeon may advise you to limit all strenuous activities.

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If you are having fat injections

Facial fat removal and replacement is a surgical procedure, and as such, it follows a different process for the treatment. The fat grafting procedure is done using local or general anaesthesia with sedation.

You will probably require a rest of up to 2 weeks depending on the amount of fat that was removed. At the consultation stage, your cosmetic surgeon will walk you through all to expect during and after the treatment.

How long do the results last?

The lasting effects of each dermal filler are dependent on the product used, the area of treatment and the patient. HA fillers are often the most temporary filler and last just between 6-12 months. Lip fillers usually wear out earlier than other areas of the face.

Synthetic fillers are not absorbed into the body and usually last longer. They are an excellent option but require commitment and consistency to maintain.

Fat Injections are designed to last indefinitely, but not all the injected fat survive the test of time. Most cosmetic surgeons inject excess fat in the treatment area as this ensures you have a fresh and natural look for a long time.

Find a qualified dermal filler provider near you

With the aid of a qualified and experienced dermal filler provider, you can get injectable fillers that provide an enhanced yet natural appearance. At lip fillers, London, our skilled and professional dermal filler providers, are available to meet all your needs and enhance your beauty.

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