Maternal Health Service Support

Access Bank Maternal Health Service Support For Women

The maternal health service support is designed for women to cater to them during their pregnancy and delivery period to keep the health and safety of mothers at all levels safe. There is a service that will be provided during pregnancy and after delivery. for women. Recently, the acceptance of assisted reproductive techniques by more families has increased the families chances of conceiving.

Maternal health service support is Access bank’s health Service support specially designed to support women and families with easy and convenient options to pay for their medical procedures. Having a fertility treatment is quite expensive for even middle-class families in Nigeria and in some cases, families may have to go through multiple treatments before getting their desired result which may lead to cash strapped situations if not properly planned for.

Also, the rising costs attached to having successful fertility treatment (e.g. IVF, ICSI etc.) stem from the need to undergo multiple cycles depending on the outcome. In response to the above plight and to ease the financial burden on families, Access Bank offers a Maternal Health Service Support (MHSS) Loan under the W Initiative that covers medical procedures (local and international) for women.

MHSS has financed 102+ fertility-related procedures and recorded successful births of 50+ healthy babies to thankful families. In addition to Fertility Treatments and Natal Support (local and International), the following specialized procedures are also covered under MHSS; Hysterectomy, Myomectomy, Dental, Orthopedic, Bariatric (weight loss procedures) etc.

Access Bank Maternal Health Service Support Features

  • No Loan Fees
  • Highly subsidized interest rate
  • Flexible repayment plan
  • Access to over 30 well-renowned fertility clinics and birth travel service companies in Nigeria.

Access Bank Requirements

  • Completed MHSS application form
  • Domiciliation of Salaries/ Business Proceeds
  • Executed Employee Status Inquiry/Employer’s Confirmation i.e. confirmation letter/ last promotion letter.
  • Copy of Employment ID and valid means of identification
  • Medical bill
  • BVN
  • Credit checks

Access Bank Maternal Health Service Support Eligibility Criteria

For Salary Earner

  • Applicant must earn at least N100,000 per month
  • Applicant must be confirmed eligible for IVF treatment from the clinic after proper investigations
  • Applicant must not be more than 55 years’ old
  • Applicant must be a confirmed staff
  • Debt service ratio must not exceed 33.3%
  • Salary account of the applicant must be domiciled with the Bank throughout the tenor of the facility
  • Satisfactory credit checks
  • The maximum accessible loan amount will be 75% of the applicant’s net annual salary

Business Owner

  • Applicant must open a business account with the Bank and cash flows must be domiciled with the Bank throughout the tenor of the facility
  • Individual must not be more than 55 years’ old
  • Applicant must be confirmed eligible for IVF treatment from the clinic after proper investigations
  • Business must have existed for at least 1 year evidenced with the 1-year bank statement
  • Satisfactory credit checks
  • Minimum turnover shall be Five (5) Million Naira
  • Provision of a credible guarantor

The acceptable security includes any or a combination of the following

  • Salary Domiciliation
  • Fixed Deposit (covering at least 120% of obligor’s loan amount)
  • 3rd Party Credible Guarantor. Interested customers can send an email to or call 01236-4875, 01271-2005-7. Or Visit the Access bank official website for more details

The maternal health service support beneficiaries need not be an existing account holder. However, applicant the individual will need to establish a banking relationship and must meet the eligibility and documentation requirements. To ensure IVF treatments are more accessible, Access bank has partnered with a health management company to provide 30% cashback on unsuccessful IVF procedures

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