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Reverse Diabetes through Diets 0

How to Reverse Diabetes through Diets

Reversing Diabetes is a phrase that generally refers to an important long term improvement in diabetes control in people with type two diabetes who can maintain their HbA1C below 40% without taking any further...

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The Pescetarian Diet 0

The Pescetarian Diet: What You Should Know

Pescetarian Diet, or simply pescetarian, is a diet consisting of a low-calorie diet rich in seafood. Pescetarians, or piscetarians, are individuals who are primarily vegetarian but are willing to eat fish and seafood. Pescetarians,...

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Bipolar Disorder in Teenagers 0

The Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder in Teenagers

Bipolar disorder, otherwise known as bipolar affective disorder, is an emotional health disorder that causes extreme mood swings that include emotional highs (Mania or hypomania) and lows (recovery or depression). It is a common...

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Health Benefits of Honey 0

The Health Benefits of Honey

The Health benefits of honey are not new, nor is it a revelation. In fact, ancient cultures from around the world have known about the incredible health benefits of this sweet substance for generations....

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Thalassemia: Hereditary Blood Disorder 0

Types of Thalassemia: Hereditary Blood Disorder

Thalassemia is a hereditary blood disorder that causes your body to possess less red blood cells than normal. Thalassemia also causes anemia, causing you to become fatigued easily. However, even mild thalassemia may require...

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Slum Health 0

Slum Health: Living Conditions & Common Diseases

A slumdog is an inhabitant of a slum-dwelling community who lives in dilapidated houses, tenements, or squats. The word ‘slumdog’ derives from the and Hindi word ‘Laavaaris’, which means “street-urchin”. In most cases, the...

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Anemia Causes and Treatment 0

Anemia Causes and Treatment (Iron Deficiency)

Anemia is a medical problem with which many people are familiar. Anemia is anemia caused by a deficiency of red blood cells (usually known as anemia) in the blood. Anemia is usually indicated by...

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