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8 Ways to Battle Asthma with Ease in your Daily Life

Asthma is a highly uncommon disease that constricts the airways and prevents the normal flow of air. The airways are filled with mucus and as a result, people have difficulty in breathing regularly. The ailment can be minor or be interfered with daily activities. In some cases, Asthma may lead to a life-threatening attack. It may cause difficulty breathing, chest pain, cough and wheezing.

The symptoms of Asthma may sometimes flare-up. It can usually be managed with rescue inhalers to treat symptoms and controller inhalers that prevent symptoms. Severe cases may require longer-acting inhalers that keep the airways open, as well as oral steroids.

Here are 8 simple steps that can be taken at home to prevent an asthma attack

Wash your hands multiple times in a day

It is one of the easiest precautionary measures that you can take anywhere be at your home or the office. You need to wash your hands multiple times a day to get rid of any virus that can cause infections. According to health experts around the world, the majority of the disease-causing microorganisms enter our body through the hands.

So ensure that you keep them clean all the time. Especially they should be cleaned before eating. You can also use hand sanitizers for their ease of use. It is to be particularly followed by the children.

Battle Asthma

Get vaccinated for common flu

Getting vaccinated against the common flu is one of the wisest decisions especially during the asthma season. Although flu is not one of the symptoms of asthma get vaccinated can ensure that the asthma symptoms are under control. You can also have a pneumonia vaccine so that you do not catch a cold easily during the winter season.

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Keeping your house clean

No doubt that if you are prone to asthma you should keep your house clean and make it free from dust, moulds, animal dander, etc. You need to make sure that your house is broomed daily cleaned with a disinfectant to kill any virus or bacteria.

This will help you to make sure that your house is free from any type of allergen that you are susceptible to. Also always ensure that the doors and windows are closed so that you come in contact with the outside air as little as possible. In case of an asthma attack, you cause the Asthalin inhaler for regular use.

Try to warm the rooms with heater instead of burning fire or coal

There are certain types of smoke like smoke from burning wood, coal, and other substances that may act as an allergen to asthma attacks. So during the winter season or if you live in a predominantly cold climate area use heaters to warm the room.

This will ensure that you are keeping your house smoke free. Also, there is one added danger if you burn wood or coal to warm your rooms. When the wood or the coal burns ashes may get mixed with the air and inhaled which can also cause asthma symptoms.

Try to do your exercises indoors

If you have a habit of going for a morning walk or doing exercises in your garden then try to do them indoors. This will ensure that you are avoiding the outside air as much as possible. Doing exercises outside may make you feel short of breath and you might also be exposed to some of the allergens you are prone to for an asthma attack.

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Also, try and avoid highly exhausting exercises and do the easier ones like simple stretching exercises. Doing the very tough exercises may also make you breathe heavily and faster thus you will have the chance of an asthma attack. In case after doing exercises have symptoms like feeling short of breath, tightness of the chest then use Ketosteril Tablets and Asthalin inhaler for regular use.

Take proper precautions while going out

If you have to go outside to the supermarket or for work or office make sure that you take additional protection and cover up the face as much as possible with the help of face masks or using a clean dry cotton cloth. Cover the entire mouth portion and the nose so that you avoid all the allergens in the air as much as possible.

Take your medicines on time

One of the common medicines that are highly recommended by doctors to prevent asthma attacks or use during an asthma attack is the inhalers. Inhalers can be of two types- regular use inhalers like Asthalin inhaler for regular use and nebulizers which are used during an asthma attack.

Always make sure that you take the inhalers on time and in the right amount of dosage. Using inhalers you will be able to give yourself that extra protection that you need before going out for work. The use of inhalers in the long-run has been highly helpful in preventing the asthma attack.

Take coffee regularly

One of the commonly used ingredients that we have every day and can do wonders in case of an asthma attack is coffee. Scientists believe that caffeine acts as a bronchodilator opening the airways and preventing them from constriction so that you can breathe normally.

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But whatever the reason coffee or any substance containing high amounts of caffeine can work wonders in the treatment of asthma. So drink coffee regularly. If you want to get more detail about asthma treatment? Then go here now: Seroflo Inhaler

Seroflo inhaler is the best drug that contains Salmeterol and Fluticasone as active ingredients. It is used for treating and preventing respiratory wheezes and dyspnea related to pulmonary disorders such as COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and bronchial asthma.

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