8 Natural Ways to Overcome Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is common in men. It is also known as impotence that can lead to many sexual discomforts. Basically, this is a condition in which a man is unable to achieve or maintain an erection during sexual intercourse. Other symptoms involve a decrease in libido or sexual desire. It is more prevalent in men as 30 million men are affected by ED in the U.S.

There are various things utilized to treat ED. Some of the standard treatments of ED involves prescription medications, implants and surgery, and vacuum pumps. But the requirement of natural ways is always on priority by men. Various male enhancement pills reviews have been found supportive in this regard. It has been proven with the researches that natural options and ways can help with the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

That is why we are here with eight ways that you can use to overcome your ED and enjoy better sexual life

Add More Steps into Your Life

Yes, add more steps into your life by adding more walk time. It has been proven with the Harvard study that taking 30 minutes of walk in a day may help to reduce the risk of ED by 41%. Many other types of research also support this point

because ageing is also a solid reason for being erectile dysfunction. Most of the aged patients are having ED because of their age. A few clinical trials revealed that taking moderate exercise help with sexual performance and make middle-aged men sexually optimized.

Take Exercise

Taking exercise can improve blood flow in your body that is a vital part of getting an erection and its maintenance. Erectile dysfunction has the issues with getting an erection and keeping an erection. By adding exercise in your routine, you can have improved blood pressure due to increased nitric oxide in blood vessels.

Furthermore, weight-bearing exercises enhance the natural production of testosterone that also give libido and sexual drive for erections. Different muscle health-supporting exercises also support to fix up ED.

Maintain Healthy Diet

Eating right always makes you feel good and healthy. It is because of the nutrients you consume. Healthy eating is the diet that involves all the essential nutrients which make you sexually healthy as well as improve overall well-being. In the Massachusetts Study of Male Aging, taking the diet that has natural foods such as:

  • Fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Whole grains
  • Fish
  • Red and processed meat
  • Refined grains

All these foods may help to decrease the chances of erectile dysfunction. You can add healthier items by the time or generate more ideas with these foods to make your ED issues lesser. Adding these foods may aid with your sexual matters and remit the risk factor of occurrence.

Make Yourself Medically Fit

Well, having a plethora of medical health issues does not help you to fight back with ED. Having high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high triglycerides, and high cholesterol is not a good sign of health. All these issues damage arteries in the heart, bring damage to the brain and also impair penile functioning that causes erectile dysfunction.

Overweight and obesity also interfere with your sexual functioning and cause ED. So, always make sure to keep yourself abide by medical conditions that can impact on your sexual health. Try to maintain overall health by tuning up yourself with your healthcare provider and take medicines regularly for sustained body health.

Stay Hydrated

Keep yourself more filled with water. Our body has 70% of water, which means there is more need for water in the body. So, drink more water than beverages. Taking the herbal teas and coffees in a minimal amount will also help with ED. Water dehydration may affect the blood volume, its circulation, and even affect your mood. So, maintain the water hydration level to avoid the chances of ED.

Control Your Waist Size

Carrying a large waist size means there is a lot of extra fats in your body that also doubt about other body functioning. On the other hand, a slim-trim waistline is good for health but also for your erections.

It has been found that men with increased waist have 50% more chances of erectile dysfunction than decreased waist men. That is why losing weight or maintaining weight also helps with ED. It is because of the comorbid factor of obesity that leads to developing other health risks such as vascular disease and diabetes.

Get Better Sleep

Lack of sleep and inappropriate sleep patterns can lead to erectile dysfunction. The role of sleep is essential for better mental and physical functioning. It has been published in the journal Brain Research that there is an intricate relationship between the level of sex hormones, sexual functioning, and sleep.

It has also been noted with the findings that it may improve testosterone levels and lower the risk of sexual dysfunction. Sleep has a more significant impact on the secretion of hormones. So, maintaining the set sleep time or sleep hours will help positively.

Avoid Smoking and Drinking

Smoking and drinking both are bad points when you are going to fix up your ED issues. Quitting these two habits will make space for better outcomes to treat ED. Many health issues are triggered by smoking, such as vascular disease; if a man has cardiovascular disease and having smoking, then there will be more chances to have ED.

Smoking can restrict the blood supply to the penis due to blockage and narrowing of arteries. This also leads to shortening the blood circulation to the penile chamber, which affects erections’ strength. On the other hand, alcohol also causes long term and short term ED.

Central nervous system release nitric oxide to maintain an erection. But, alcohol consumption may depress the functioning of the central nervous system, which develops a lack of nitric oxide. So, quit smoking and drinking to sustain your erections.


Erectile dysfunction is a prevalent sexual health issue in males. Eight natural ways can help you to overcome erectile dysfunction and its effects on health. Try to concern with your doctor and apply all these ways that add more benefits to your sexual life.

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