CPAP machine is for people who suffer from OSA i.e., Obstructive Sleep Apnea, a condition when people used to snore loud, feeling less energetic during day time and wants to sleep and sometimes waking up in order to breathe properly, due to lack of oxygen in their upper airways of the nose.

CPAP machine helps in increasing the air pressure in patient’s throat so as to minimize the collapse of oxygen during inhaling, which also decreases the loud consistent snoring making them sleep properly and feel more energetic in the morning.

For this patients need to wear the mask connecting the filters and small water tanks through a tube in a CPAP machine

CPAP machine is the most commonly used and recommended way in order to reduce OSA from patients and to have major improvement after just one-night use. But before buying a CPAP machine, first, you need to gather some information about it which will make it easier for you to select the best one according to the patient needs otherwise things can become worse.

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Get a prescription or a recommendation

Always consult a doctor before buying a CPAP machine. The doctor will diagnose first in order to confirm whether a patient is suffering from OSA or not. This diagnose requires one-night sleep and testing the patient’s body to different air pressure from different machines.

Only after that, doctor will recommend which machine to select either CPAP or BPAP or APAP etc

In addition to this, the doctor will provide you with complete specifications of that machine-like which brand is good, what should be the correct pressure level and how it can be changed according to patient’s needs.

The doctor will also specify whether the patient requires a sub-machine along with the machine i.e., heated humidifier. Sometimes a heated humidifier is needed for various patients in order to tolerate easily harsh airflow while reducing the side effects such as dry throat and nasal congestion.

So make sure you follow these steps before moving to buying any CPAP machine

Know the features of a good quality of CPAP machine

CPAP Machine

Before deciding to get a machine, check these features which increase the quality of a CPAP machine


Its role is to increase pressure at a slow rate to reach its prescribed value. The main role of this ramp is to help the patient getting used to the machine as breathing is slightly difficult for patients using machines.

Leak compensation

CPAP Machine

It’s a facility which allows maintaining the desired prescribed pressure setting even after some minor leakage. No matter how good a breathing mask, there would always be some kind of leakage.

Data Recording

It’s a facility which allows users to know whether or not there is air leakage in the mask during usage. This facility is also used for tracking previous abnormal breathing events.

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Mask alert

This mask alert helps in indicating when the mask gets displaced from its original position. It is very useful when patients during sleep can know that their mask got misplaced and reposition them.

A Sleep Support Plus Offer for Patients who are having difficulty to Sleep

You only have so much time in the day and feelings of sleepiness and a lack of energy can take up significant time. VitaPost Sleep Support Plus is a specially formulated sleep support supplement, which is designed to calm the brain’s activities and support falling and staying asleep for occasional sleeplessness.

Sleep Support Plus is formulated with minerals, vitamins and a proprietary blend of natural extracts. The natural ingredients and herbal extracts work together to create a formula that is both gluten free and vegan friendly.

  • Calming blend
  • Supports feelings of relaxation
  • Eases an overactive brain
  • Support for occasional sleeplessness
  • Sleep Support Plus is made in the US within an FDA registered facility that follows GMP guidelines. Ingredients in the formula are both domestic and imported.

As sleep is something that affects every human, this offer is very relevant for affiliates. Being both gluten-free and vegan friendly, this offer has the potential to be an easy sell.

Inspect the CPAP machine properly

Before you buy any CPAP check for following issues

  • Check for CPAP therapy blower test
  • Check for user manuals
  • Make sure it has Manometer Calibration as this facility helps to establish accurate pressure settings
  • Make sure it has a data card which keeps a track record of performance of the machine
  • Make sure it has full time 24/7 working Ionization Air Purifier Containment as it helps in keeping circulation healthy
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Different offline of online stores have different rates offering different sorts of offers and discounts according to their own choice. It doesn’t always mean that a cheap price gives the best quality of products. So make sure to check more than one store and then select according to your choice.

CPAP machine Provide comfort

Make sure to select the right size of the machine which would be comfortable for the patient during sleep. The mask comes with straps and pads in order to adjust properly according to the patient’s comfort level.

Some of the commonly used CPAP machines from reputed brands are DreamStation Auto CPAP Machine with Heated Humidifier, Philips Respironics REMstar Auto CPAP with A-Flex Nasal Mask, HDM Z1 Auto Unplugged Travel CPAP Machine, ResMed AirMini AutoSet Travel CPAP Machine etc.

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